Annabelle Rama, Sinagot Ang Netizens Na Nagtanong Kung Siya Ay Nagpa-retoke

When we reach the ages of 40, 50, and beyond, we begin to notice “signs of aging” in our physical appearance. If for most, this is a depressing event, Annabelle Rama demonstrated that looking young does not depend on age but is a choice that each of us makes. If we want to keep our faces looking beautiful and youthful, we should stay positive and try different hairstyles because you never know, maybe lengthening, shortening, or changing hair color is the solution to most people’s problem of wanting to have a youthful look like Annabelle Rama.

The netizens were blown away by her new hairstyle, which completely transformed her appearance. The entire Gutierrez family recently celebrated the veteran actress’s birthday. Based on the photos shared by Sarah Lahbati, Richard, Raymond, and Ruffa Gutierrez, and other members of their family, as well as some famous showbiz personalities who were invited to Annabelle’s celebration, the actress who has just turned 70 is truly exceptional.

In the past, we have always seen Annabelle with short hair but in the pictures taken at her party, her long blonde hair can be seen which makes the veteran actress look so youthful. Aside from that, netizens noticed Annabelle’s youthful look when she shared a video on Instagram where she can be seen unboxing the gift she received. But, instead of the branded bag, netizens focused on the actress’s glowing skin and youthful beauty.

As a result, her fans showered her with praise.

In her next post, Annabelle shared a photo from her party in which she can be seen wearing a dazzling red gown, along with her clarification that she never underwent a treatment because “she only does facial care.”

Annabelle said,

“Ang daming nag comment na I look so young baka daw nagpa retoke ako. Simula ng bata pa ako hanggang ngayon never akong nagpa gawa sa mukha at sa buong katawan ko.”

She added,

“What you see is what you get at unang una takot ako sa operation at injection.”

Now 70 years old, it seems that Annabelle Rama’s beauty is going backward because as she ages, she only gets more beautiful and younger.

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