Ryza Cenon, Ibinahagi Ang Pinagdaanan Niya Bilang Isang First Time Mommy

Being a mother is a big responsibility. Even though it’s tiring and stressful to take care of their children and their needs, it is emotionally fulfilling for mothers to see and hear their children’s smiles and laughter.

As a mother, they really prioritize their children. From the moment they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night, they have full attention and time of their mother.

Ryza Cenon is a well-known and talented actress of her generation. Previously, she focused solely on taping, collaborations, and projects; now, she devotes her attention and time to caring for her child. Although being a mother has changed a lot in her life, the actress is happy and grateful for her new role. Of course, being a mother is a difficult task, especially for Ryzza, who is a first-time mother.

Ryza’s experience as a mother thus far has taught her that the joy of caring for her child is accompanied by the exhaustion she admits she feels with each passing day. In a recent Instagram update, the actress shared a relatable story that touched the hearts of her fellow Momshies.

Ryzza wrote in the caption of her post,

“After mo mag pakain, magpaligo, saka patulog ng anak mo… may moment talaga na mapapaupo ka tapos matutulala ka nalang sa pagod then sabay hingang malalim then game na ulit. Relate din ba kayo mga mommies? Kung nakakarelate kayo isang mahigpit na yakap sa inyo mga mommies!!!”

Although many Mommies can relate to this moment of the actress, a few admitted that Ryza makes a big difference when she is tired because she still looks so beautiful and radiant.

“Pero di po ako ganyan kaganda pag napagod”

“Walang bakas ng pagod sa ganda ng fes,..parang natulala lang pero pretty pa din..Sana ol ganyan kaganda kahit pagod..”

“Yes Mommy, pero bakit ako di nmn ganyan ka-ganda pag natutulala?”

Although tired from her Mommy duties, there is no sign of tiredness and stress on Ryza’s face, which is why many of her fellow Mommies can only says, “Sana all”.

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