Ito Pala Ang Rare Na S4kit Ni Angel Locsin Kaya Pala Hindi Siya Magkaroon Ng Baby Kay Neil Arce

With a celebrity or well-known personality getting married, the next thing the fans want to know is where they will spend their honeymoon. Following that, they will ask when they intend to start a family and have children. These questions are inevitable in the minds of others, especially if their family is too excited to have a child in their home and life.

The parents of the newlyweds are the first ones to ask for grandchildren. Even ordinary people are asked the same question, but when a famous person marries, it garners more attention. But it is also a sensitive topic for women, especially newly married ones. Not all couples are immediately blessed with children. Sometimes they are not even allowed to be parents.

That’s why some celebrities go through different ways to fulfill their dream of becoming parents, including surr0gacy and IVF. Some who have suffered a miscarriage also find it difficult to conceive again and need treatment to make their next pregnancy successful. Others are just waiting for what God will give them for the family they will build.

So, according to some celebrities who have faced fan and societal pressure, be sensitive to topics like this because what one couple is going through is not the same as what another is going through.

Just like the newlyweds Angel Locsin and Neil Arce. It hasn’t even been a year since their civil wedding on July 26, 2021, and many people are already wondering when they plan to have children.

According to Ogie Diaz’s interview with the actress, they do not intend to have children at this time because they still have a lot to work on themselves, particularly in terms of health. Angel stated that she has a thyroid condition and is not planning on having a child right away because she wants her health to improve before planning to have a child.

The actress added that they plan to have a child, but they need a go signal from Angel’s doctor when it will be possible. Angel also admitted that they haven’t had their honeymoon because the pandemic has not yet disappeared. That’s why when the day comes that they can travel, they have many things to look forward to when they are given the time to go sightseeing.

Angel is referring to Hashimoto’s disease, a rare thyroid condition. The thyroid gland is affected by an auto-immune disorder. The thyr0id is a butterfly-shaped gland located just below Adam’s apple at the base of the neck. The thyroid produces hormones that help regulate many functions in the body.

An auto-immune dis0rder is a condition in which the immune system attacks healthy tissues in our bodies. In Hashimoto’s disease, the auto-immune cells lead to the destruction of thyroid hormone-producing cells. This d1s3ase often results in decreased production of hormones or also called hypothyr0idism. Although Hashimoto’s disease can affect anyone, it is most common in middle-aged women. The main treatment is thyroid hormone replacement.

Hashimoto’s dis3ase develops slowly over the years. Eventually, a decrease in thyroid hormone production can result in any of the following: Fatigue and lethargy, increased sensitivity to cold, sleepiness, dry skin, constipation, weakness, pain, tenderness, and stiffness of muscles, pain and joint stiffness, irregular or excessive menstrual bl33ding, depr3ssi0n, memory and concentration problems, thyroid inflammation or goiter, puffy face appearance, hair loss, and enlargement of the tongue.

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