‘I just cook sir’! OFW Ibinahagi Ang Nakakatawang Convo Niya Ng Kaniyang Employer Na Siya Lang Ang Nakakaintindi

One of the most difficult work is to work abroad. The homes1ck and the sadness feeling was always there. Whenever you were encountering a problem with your work, there is no one that will comfort you and lend you some hugs for you to feel better.

Some OFW even experiencing abu$3 on their employer while there are some who have an employer who is very kind. Just like the employer of Valleryn Caranza Landong, an OFW in Malaysia.

Recently, Valleryn posted a screenshot of her and her employer’s conversation. Many online users find that the post was too amusing and entertaining.

They even laugh so hard after reading the whole convo. It can be seen that their conversation using the English language is really entertaining, the OFW still able to understand what her employer wanted to ask for her. The said post even reported on the Facebook page OFW Tambayan.

Here’s the conversation between the two:

Employer: Sandra I out tomolo you cook sir the brief in the frid fly veges and rice you can fly the rice put egg

Valleryn: Okie maam I dont cook you… I just cook sir?

Employer: Yes just cook sir and please fly the fish sir many eat if you cooking

Valleryn: Okie maam

Employer: Thank you

What her employer wanted to imply and tell her that Valleryn needed to cook the beef, fry the veggies and the rice with egg. Her employer wanted to say to her that she was not going home tomorrow. Her employer also said that her male employer would able to eat a lot of food because she will be the one who was cooking. Not only that, her employer even said “please” and “thank you” to her.

But it is better to have an employer that even though he/she is not that good in English language and even saying “thank you” and “please” rather than to have an employer who would abu$3 an OFW.

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