Hayden Kho Nagsalita Na Sa Viral Video Nila Ni Marcar Reyes Noon

Doctor Hayden Kho has finally spoken about the viral video of his former girlfriend Maricar Reyes.

Maricar was recently interviewed by Toni Gonzaga, in which she discussed the infamous video of her and Hayden.

Maricar became emotional as she stated that the video ruined her life because she had only recently entered the showbiz industry when the said video went viral. According to Maricar, she thought of ending her own life due to extreme shame. In addition to the hurtful words and incensive jokes, she received during those times.

Maricar claims that after the video went viral, she stopped taking any projects as she was advised t just stayed at their home until the issue disappeared.

But, all of this was not easy for Maricar because there were so many things that were going through her mind at the time. Her family also didn’t talk about the issue at their home, but despite everything, she knew her family was there, fighting with her.

Following Maricar’s viral interview with Toni, which received 3.5 million views, Hayden also gave a statement about the said issue 13 years ago.

He said,

“God took away from me the fame, wealth, influence, and my ego to help me realize that I don’t need any of those things to be fulfilled or to have meaning in life. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.”

Based on Hayden, he surrendered everything to God at that time and he never forgets to pray to forget what happened before.

Maricar and Hayden have both moved on from their traumatic experiences. Maricar is now happily married to singer Richard Poon while Hayden is also happily married to longtime partner Dra. Vicki Belo and they have a daughter Scarlet Snow Belo. The two are also now living their life with peace and happiness.

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