Robin Padilla, Usap-usapan Matapos Kumalat Ang Kaniyang Larawan Na May Kasamang Dalawang Babae

Robin Padilla is a well-known actor and personality in the entertainment industry. He is also one of the characters that girls chase after, which is not surprising given his youthful appearance.

Robin frequently becomes a topic on social media because he often has trouble with women while his wife, Mariel Rodriguez, is unaware. Just like the issue he is facing now.

Several pictures of Robin Padilla with another woman have gone viral on social media. The photos also show a Chinese woman, who has the social media username Princess Ong, who can be seen sitting on the actor’s lap. The actor also seemed to have a tight grip on the woman.

Aside from Princess, another lady can be seen standing close to Robin, and her hand hooked on the actor’s right arm.

Based on the background of their photo, the three can be seen in a bar.

The two women appear to be happy in their photo with Robin, as seen by their smiles. Even Robin can be seen smiling in the picture.

Some netizens defended the actor, claiming that photos of Robin with women have been floating around for a long time. However, the photo appears to have been taken recently because Robin is wearing a DU34GO t-shirt.

Meanwhile, the said photo immediately went viral on social media ang garnered various reaction fromn the netizens. Others defended him, while some questioned Robin’s clinginess to women even though he was already married. Another netizen tagged Mariel Rodriguez’s Facebook page with the name of Mariel Rodriguez Padilla.

Despite the negative criticisms Robin received from the netizens, he remain silent on the issue and did not give any details about the said photos. Even his wife Mariel was quiet and not releasing any statement about it.

As of now, the celebrity couple was not disclosing any information to clarify the issue.

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