Danica Sotto, Nagluluksa Matapos Pumanaw Ang Kaniyang Mahal Sa Buhay

Danica Sotto-Pingris expressed her grief over the death of her Papa Ebie on her Instagram account.

In her Instagram post, Danica shared photos of her Papa Ebie, the father of her mother Dina Bonnevie, whose real name is Honesto Bonnevie.

Danica wrote in the caption of her post,

“Rest in paradise Papa Ebie Thank you for being a loving grandpa to us. We will miss you so much. Love you forever Papa Up.”

In an earlier social media post, Danica said they called their beloved grandfather Papa Ebie because they couldn’t pronounce Papa Bonnevie when they were young.

According to him, Papa Ebie is also known as Atty because of his intelligence.

Danica also mentioned that they used to go to Laguna often to be with their beloved grandfather, Papa Ebie, and she said that swimming was often their bonding.

We express our condolences to Danica Sotto, Ms. Dina Bonnevie, and Mr. Honest Bonnevie’s family and loved ones.

There are also some celebrities and personalities who lost their loved ones only this 2021. Here are some of them:

Kyline Alcantara

Kapuso young star Kyline Alcantara’s maternal grandmother p3ssed aw4y last April.

Geneva Cruz

Actress and singer Geneva Cruz’s mother, Manilyn Mendoza Cruz, died due to C0VID-19 this year.

Jean Garcia

Jean Garcia’s mother, Sandra Garcia, died on April 2 from C0VID-19 and complications from her heart dis3ase.

Aiki Melendez

Aiko Melendez’s stepfather, Dan Castaeda, also d1ed due to C0VID-19.

Manilyn Reynes

“Pepito Manaloto” star Manilytn Reyes said that her father, Nelson Reyes, d1ed on February 3.

Tanya Garcia

Tanya Garcia-Lapid’s grandmother, Mariwuita “Mama Quing” Rosales, p4ssed aw4y last May.

Joel Cruz

Perfume mogul Joel Cruz said that his 92-year-old mother Milagros Martin Santos-Cruz d1ed on May 23.

Dimples Romana

Actress Dimples Romana mourned the l0ss of her grandmother on June 6.

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