KC Concepcion, Ginulat Ang Marami Sa Kaniyang Rebelasyon Tungkol Sa Kaniyang Mga Magulang

Despite her close relationship with her parents, actress-singer KC Concepcion still prefers to live alone and be independent, especially now that her parents have a family of their own following their divorce.

In an Instagram post, KC shared a trailer for Luchi Cruz-Vales’ interview with her for the show “Usapang Real Life”. The 35-year-old actress explained why she has a “complex” that she wants her parents to be proud of her.

She shared,

“Mama ko kasi, she has her own family. My papa also has his own family.

“They’re both married, they both have children with their husbands and their wives.”

“Ako lang kasi yung nag-iisang anak nila na silang dalawa, so meron akong complex na gusto ko silang gawing proud sa akin.

“Gusto ko may mga gagawin na ikaka-proud nila. Gusto ko lang na maging proud sa akin.”

After the video gets released, her mother, Megastar Sharon Cuneta, replied to the comments section of KC’s Instagram post.

Sharon told to her eldest daughter,

“You are not alone.”

She added,

“My eldest, this baby girl, should never have been made to feel alone…

“She didn’t choose to be born into a family that started out with so much love only to be br0ken apart into a million pieces, like her mother’s heart…

“If I could…I would turn back the clock, and though I know the break-up still would have happened, I would try to shield her innocence from time…

“But the part of life I gave her isn’t mine…Yet I would…If only I could…”

Sharon claims that no matter what happens or whether she and Gabby are separated, she, KC, and Gabby will always be a family.

“And in a sense, whether we – or they – like it or not, we three still always will be, my Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion.

“Papa and Mama will love you forever. You will always be our first child, the first who made us parents.”

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