Sharon Cuneta, Ipinakilala Na Sa Publiko Ang Kaniyang Anak Na Nasa US Na Matagal Niyang Hindi Nakita

Sharon Cuneta is one of the most admired and respected personalities in the showbiz industry. Since she has been in the showbiz industry for several decades now, it looks like Megastar’s life has become an open book to the world, including her personal life.

But Sharon recently revealed something she had been keeping hidden for a long time, which surprised many.

Perhaps all of us already know Sharon’s children such as KC Concepcion who is Megastar’s daughter with her ex-husband Gabby Concepcion and Frankie Pangilinan who is her daughter with Senator Kiko. But unbeknownst to all of us, Sharon has another child.

Sharon recently shared a touching reunion with her son. On Instagram, Megastar has introduced to the public her son whom she has not seen in a long time because he lives and grew up in the United States.

Curtis Christopher Cuneta is Sharon’s brother’s son. But even though it wasn’t from her, she still loved Curtis with all her heart.

According to the actress, he was close to her even when he was just a child, that’s why he considers her as his real son.

Meanwhile, Curtis is another member of the US Army.

Sharon shared,

“I’m with my son Curtis. I’m so happy to see him. He looks like me. He looks like my Tatay, my dad.”

Curtis also became close to Sharon even though he lives in the United States. In fact, he also calls his aunt ‘mama’. That’s why the two couldn’t stop being emotional when they finally see each other after a long time.

During his visit to the Philippines, Curtis also brought his wife, Korinne, to personally introduce her to his mother.

Sharon said to Curtis and his wife,

“I thank God that he chose you for my boy. It’s so easy to love you!”

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