Dating Kasambahay Ni Mommy Divine Geronimo, Ibinunyag Ang Tunay Na Ugali Nito

Another revelation is now spreading on social media regarding the statement made by Mommy Divine Geronimo’s former housekeeper about the latter’s attitude.

It is inevitable in the entertainment industry to propagate rumors about various individuals that may or may not be accurate. There are some who confirm and deny the issues that are spreading about them but sometimes there are some fans who say that the ‘official statements’ they are releasing are not true. There are even times when there are showbiz columnists who write or publish blind items but only avid fans know what they are talking about.

Just like the blind item published by “BANDERA” from veteran columnist Cristy Fermin.

The said blind item refers to the mother of the famous female personality. Many stories about the “Mommy” in the blind item are said to be circulating on different social media platforms.

As a result, many people believe that the blind item pertains to Divine Geronimo.

According to the blind item column, she appears to be strict in handling money and makes sure that her daughter’s earnings go to businesses and other properties.

It is also stated that this “Mommy” is quite strict in their home.

Fermine’s source said,

“May mga kasambahay silang hindi nakatatagal, nahihirapan silang makisama kay mommy, dahil sobrang mahigpit.”

The source added,

“Tasado kasi ang food nila, kung ano lang ang budget na ibinibigay sa kanila ni mommy, yun lang ang puwede nilang pagkasyahin.

“E, mahilig mag-uwi si mommy ng food sa mga pinupuntahan nila ng anak niya, hindi nila puwedeng galawin yun, para sa family lang nila ang food, hindi puwedeng kainin ng mga kasambahay.”

Mommy Divine was also reported as having her own scale in their home to know and estimate their meals.

Mommy Divine is claimed to come from an ordinary family who has also faced difficulties in life. Perhaps this is why this “Mommy” is also strict when it comes to their home.

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