Dina Bonnevie, May Rebelasyon Tungkol Kay Pauleen Luna Na Ikinagulat Ng Marami

The family of veteran comedian and actor Bossing Vic Sotto is one of the showbiz industry’s so-called modern families, where his family became widely known due to having children with three women in the entertainment field. These are Connie Reyes, Dina Bonnevie, and his wife, Pauleen Luna-Sotto.

Vic is blessed with five children, including Tali, his daughter with Pauleen, who is undeniably making a name for herself in the industry even at a young age.

It is not a secret to everyone that Vic also had a child with his ex-wife and actress Dina Bonnevie. But the two also separated in 1992. Their children are the two names in the showbiz industry, Danica Sotto and Oyo Boy Sotto.

Although Vic and Dina’s marriage did not go well as a couple, they remained friends for the sake of their children. But since Vic is now married to someone else, netizens couldn’t avoid asking his former wife, Dina, about her relationship with Vic’s current wife, Pauleen.

In an interview, many were surprised by Dina’s confession about Pauleen and about their relationship, and how they deal with each other.

According to Dina herself, she and Pauleen have met several times, but they never had the opportunity to talk with just the two of them and to be close to each other.

She said that she didn’t know what she and Pauleen were going to talk about, which is why she felt awkward getting close to Pauleen, his ex-husband’s new wife. Dina even admitted that she sees Pauleen as a kind person, especially since she has approached her several times every time they meet. But she said that looking at her made her feel awkward.

For her, what is important is that they have a good relationship with their respective families now and that there is no hatred between them.

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