Derek Ramsay, May Rebelasyon Sa Relasyon Nila Ngayon Ni Ellen Adarna Matapos Ang Isang Taon Na Pagsasama

Everyone will definitely say “Sana All” in the relationship of the celebrity couple, Derek Ramsay and Ellen Adarna. Every social media post of the celebrity couple thrills their solid fans, especially their supporters who have been following them since the beginning.


Yesterday, March 30, 2022, a thrilling social media post from Derek really thrilled everyone. Derek revealed a confession about his relationship with Ellen. Derek stated that March 30 is the most special day for him and his relationship with Ellen. It is because it is the same day when the actor proposed to Ellen last year.

In the said social media post, Derek shared a photo of him and Ellen on the day he proposed to his girlfriend. The actor once again shared a happy photo of himself and Ellen.

He wrote in the caption of his post,

“Exactly one year ago, I made the best decision of my life.”

Derek explains and admits that marrying Ellen was the happiest and best decision he’s ever made in his life. You can really see how happy Derek is now with the actress and how much he has changed since being with Ellen. It is also noticeable in their look and gesture how much they love each other. In every post they made, one can really see how good and how they are getting along with each other.

Derek’s latest social media post stunned many. It’s also worth noting that Ellen also posted a photo of them together as they celebrate their anniversary proposal.

Ellen and Derek didn’t regret being married because it was a lovely and pleasant decision they’d made. Their fans are looking forward to Ellen and Derek having a mini-me so that they can finally have their own family that can further strengthen their relationship. But as of this moment, the celebrity couple still doesn’t have the plan to have a baby as they are still busy.

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