Ito Pala Ang Dahilan Kung Bakit Na-banned Si Gretchen Barretto Sa Isang Pangmayamang Spa!

Did you know that former sexy actress Gretchen Barretto was banned from RCBC Towers five years ago?

According to a source, former actress Gretchen regularly visits another luxurious spa salon. It is stated that Gretchen didn’t want to be with anyone in the elevator at the same time when she went to the said spa salon. According to reports, she is accompanied just by her personal assistant and four bodyguards.

Many people still knew Gretchen because of her popularity. According to the source, when Gretchen once went to the spa in the said establishment, they happened to meet an elderly woman at the elevator.

But, Gretchen suddenly spoke and said to her bodyguards,

“Guard, kindly tell to the old lady to step out on the elevator.”

When the woman in the elevator with Gretchen heard what she says, she instantly turned around, then raised her eyebrows at the actress, and suddenly called the building’s guard to go to her.

The woman said,

“Guards, please tell to this freaking social climber woman to step out on my building.”

There, it was discovered that the “old lady” Gretchen referred to is the owner of RCBC 1 & 2. It is the eldest daughter of the Yuchengco family, who owns a large number of buildings, properties, and other structures in Makati.

RCBC 1 and 2 are owned by Vivian Yuchengco, the woman Gretchen called “old lady.” According to the reports, the people in the lobby were suddenly surprised because of the commotion and scene caused by Vivian’s dismissal of Gretchen from the aid establishment as a result of the actress’ profanity and her behavior towards Vivian in the elevator.

According to reports, the former actress did nothing but just exit and leave the building. Since then, Gretchen has been banned from RCBC Towers.

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