Derek Ramsay Isinugod Sa Ospital, Mga Netizens Nabahala Sa Malubhang Kalagayan Nito

Derek Ramsey was recently trending and talked about on social media when it was reported that the Kapuso star was taken to the hospital after his eye was seriously injured by UV rays.

According to Andrea Torres, Derek’s girlfriend, she already warned him not to look directly at the UV lamps, but the actor ignored her and did so anyway.

Based on their story, Derek Ramsay seems to be changing their house’s UV lights to help disinfect against C0VID-19 v1rus. After the UV lights were fixed, Derek seemed to be fine. He could still see well but after a while, he couldn’t open his eyes.

The actor said,

“Around 2 a.m. hindi ko na maidilat yung mata ko. Talagang they were burning, eh ayoko naman siyang gisingin.”

The Kapuso actor tried to wash his eyes to relieve the heat in them, but it still did not work.

“I went to the bathroom, naghugas ako ng mata. It got worse. Then it just got worse and worse, so napilitan na akong gisingin si Andrea, at tinakbo na ako sa ospital.”

Andrea decided to help him by putting eye drops in the actor’s eyes, but, unfortunately, Derek’s pain only got worse.

He said,

“That’s when talagang sumisigaw na ako in p4in.”

According to Vision First Eye Care, being directly exposed to UV rays, even for a short period of time, is extremely harmful. UV lights can damage the eyes and organs, and they can also cause d3ath.

The statement reads,

“Exposure to UV light can also cause photokeratitis, which is a sunburn for the eyes. This can be extremely pa1nful, and in the w0rst cas3s, a condition called snow bl1ndness can occur, where vision is lost temporarily.”

As of now, according to the reports, Derek is now doing good and his eyes are now okay after being treated at the hospital.

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