Ganito Pala Kalaki Ang Tuition Fee Ng Mga Anak Ni Jinkee At Manny Pacquiao

There is possibly nothing more fulfilling for a parent than seeing their children live a comfortable and happy life. That is why they strive so hard to give their family a wonderful life.

Just like Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee. For many years, the Philippine Boxing Champ worked hard to give his children a comfortable life.

Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao are undeniably one of the richest couples in the Philippines today. That is why it is not impossible that he can enroll his children in the top school in the country.

Manny and Jinkee only want the best for their children, especially when it comes to education, so they decided to enroll them in an international and prestigious school in the country.

In fact, the tuition fee of the children of the couple is already staggering!

The eldest son, Jimuel, is studying at Brent International School in Manila. His tuition fee is $9,000, or more than P400,000 each year. He also has miscellaneous fees of P390,000. Meanwhile, Jimuel’s brother, Michael Stephen, who is currently in Senior High School and studying at Brent International School in Laguna, has the same tuition fee.

The third child, Mary Divine, often known as Princess, is in middle school, where her tuition fee reaches $8.74 or more than P403,512. This does not include other school fees throughout the year. They have the same tuition fee as Queeni or better known as Queen Elizabeth. On the other hand, their youngest son Israel is not in school yet because he is just 5 years old.

But, despite how huge amount their tuition fee is, it can say that it is totally worth it. We can’t deny the numerous advantages that studying in international schools can offer. They teach in a more advanced manner than public schools.

Aside from the subjects that other schools have, students in international schools also learn about the cultures and traditions of many countries across the world.

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