Kilalanin Ang Mga Artista Na Minsang Naging Pulubi At Palaboy Sa Kalsada Matapos Mawala Ang Showbiz Career

Life, as they say, is like a wheel. You go through phases of being up and down. Just like in the showbiz industry, you never know how long your career will shine and how successful you will be because of unexpected circumstances and changes.

Just like what happened to famous personalities who once reached the pinnacle of success but due to the cycle of fortune fell into poverty.

Here are some famous actors who became beggars and homeless after losing their showbiz careers:

Jiro Manio

Jiro Manio rose to prominence as a child star due to his acting skills. He won several awards for his role in the film ‘Magnifico,’ in which he impressed many.

But during his teenage years, Jiro got into bad habits and neglected his showbiz career. In 2015, Jiro became the subject of social media after his photo went viral where he can be seen wandering and walking at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The former star also stayed there for a few days, begging people for food and money.

His relatives and former colleagues in the showbiz industry immediately helped him.

Angelo Ilagan

Actor Angelo Ilagan is not ashamed of his fate after losing his shine in the showbiz industry.

Angelo rose to prominence as an adolescent actor, appearing in several films and television series. He is also the nephew of the late actor Jay Ilagan. After losing a project in showbiz, Angelo’s family is said to have faced difficulties, causing them to lose their home. He said he even experienced walking and staying on the road before.

In an interview, he boldly admitted that he had become a beggar and sn4tcher on the street. However, Angelo was able to overcome the challenges he faced in his life before, and now he has been given a second chance in showbiz.

Boy Alano

The fate of former child star Boy Alano became tragic. In the 1950s, Boy rose to prominence as one of the most well-known performers in Cinema. He appeared in films alongside some of the most prominent actors in show business history. He is also the first Filipino to get the Asian Film Festival’s Best Actor award.

Boy’s life was prosperous at that time, but due to the temptation of vices, he gradually lose all of the savings he had during his time in showbiz. In 2008, he went viral online after a netizen shared his current condition. The famous actor is said to roam around the streets and sleep in a garage.

Lovely Embuscado

Lovely Embuscado is a former contestant in GMA Network’s reality singing competition. Lovely rose to fame as a Kapuso actress, appearing in the GMA-7 series.

But, with the passage of time, his career in the showbiz industry abruptly ended, and she suddenly disappeared in front of the camera. Lovely and her father were seen living on the street last year.

According to a article, Lovely’s family has no place to live so they live on the street. They also ask for food in the church to alleviate the hunger they feel. Lovely also seems to have lost her mind because of the d3pression she experienced.

Soliman Cruz

Soliman Cruz is one of the veteran actors in the world of showbiz. So who would have thought that he became a beggar and once lived on the street?

Soliman became the buzz of social media in 2014, not because of his film, but because people passing by Roxas Boulevard always noticed him. Soliman used to live on the streets and only slept on the Roxas Boulevard boardwalk after losing his showbiz project due to dru6 add1ction.

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