Napakasimpleng Bahay Ni Andi Eigenmann Sa Siargao Na Gawa Sa Cogon, Ipinasilip

Like other personalities, actress Andi Eigenmann has also entered the world of YouTube vlogging to show her fans and followers her simple life with her family in the province.

Andi’s videos show her humble and comfortable life in Siargao with her partner Philmar Alipayo and their children.

It is not a secret to all of us that Andi decided to leave the showbiz limelight for a simple yet happy life in Siargao.

The actress also built her dream house in the said province.

In the past four years, we can tell that the former ‘Agua Bendita’ actress is contented with the life she has now. She has three children, owns a business, and does things close to her heart without thinking about what other people might say to her.

Andi’s videos and photos show that she is happy and content with her simple life away from the showbiz limelight. There is also no regret showing on her face. It can also notice how her eyes sparkle and how happy she is living the life she had now in the province with her family.

And recently the construction of her dream house has also been finished.

Duardez 3D Rendering Services shared on its Facebook page the photo of Andi’s newly renovated house in Siargao.

But, what caught the attention of many netizens was Andi’s decision not to remove the cogon-made roof design of her house, which resembled a hut. Andi wanted to keep the traditional Filipino look in their house.

According to the findings of the research, Duardex 3D Rendering Services is also helping many establishments and households in Bohol, Siargao, and other neighboring islands.

Making a cogon roof is also not a simple task. It is also necessary to propagate plants such as sedge, thatch, rushes, straw, heather, and reeds. In the Philippines, cogon grass is found in the provinces of the country.

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