Kiray Celis, Binigyan Muli Ng Regalo Ang Kaniyang Kuya Ng Isang Bago At Mas Magandang Motor

The generosity and kindness of Kiray Celis are truly endless as she surprised her elder brother with a new motorcycle as the holiday season approached.

Kiray, who began the showbiz industry at an early age, has already proved her talent as an actress. Kiray’s potential as a great actress was discovered in “Goin’ Bulilit,” which is why she has so many projects and opportunities lined up for her.

Many years have passed yet the actress’s fame remains, and despite her ongoing success, Kiray continues to prove to herself whatever she has today.

Kiray is often seen in front of the camera as a great actress who constantly gives positive vibes to the viewers. But behind the camera, she is also a responsible daughter to her parents and to her beloved sibling. It is also not a secret to many that Kiray is the breadwinner of their family, which is why her fans admire her so much.

Even though he is busy with his career, Kiray still values her family a lot. Aside from handling their finances, she enjoys giving presents to each member of her family, and one of those who received a gift from Kiray was her elder brother, who is a construction worker.

The actress surprised her elder brother with a Honda Click in October to show her appreciation for her older brother’s hard work, but the actress’ generosity did not stop there. Kiray once again surprised her brother with a new and upgraded motorcycle as a Christmas present.

Kiray really kept her promise that when she had saved more money, she would buy her brother a better motorcycle.

Kiray said,

“3 months ago, binilhan ko siya ng honda click. Pero sabi ko sayo pag nakaipon nako ulit, papalitan natin agad ng mas maganda at yung gusto mo na talaga.”

She added,

“Kaya, eto na! Merry merry christmas sa kuya kong pogi. sarap talaga ng pasko mo. Ako, EGUL! HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

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