Mark Herras At Nicole Donesa, Ibinahagi Ang Bahay Na Kanilang Ipinapatayo Na Tinawag Na Casa Corky

After months of planning, husband and wife Mark Herras and Nicole Donesa have finally completed the house they have long desired.

Since the couple had a baby, whom they called baby Corky, they have prioritized his health and happiness. Although the couple gives a lot of love and care to baby Corky, the couple wants to give their child a decent home, thus one of their aspirations is to build their own house, and Nicole recently revealed to the public the good news that she and her husband are currently busy with the construction of Casa Corky.

Nicole wrote in the caption of his video that Mark can be seen tearing down a wall,

“Hard Work & Dedication. Officially the start of #CasaCorky We have a long journey up ahead, but at least we are finally one step closer to our dream.”

And because their little family is receiving blessings one after the other, the actress is very grateful to the Lord.

She added in her post,

“Thank you God, for the guidance and blessings. This is all for our Corkyboy”

With Nicole and Mark’s achievement and success as a couple, the actress’s post itself was showered with congratulations and positive comments from fans and fellow celebrities Ynna Asistio, Jade Lopez, and Sophie Albert.

In a separate post, Nicole posted the whole thing where she can be seen wearing a white hard hat and a long hammer. Also featured in her photos is the hole in the wall that she and Mark are starting to tear down.

With the beautiful smile that can be seen in the solo photos shared by Nicole on Instagram, it can really be said that this is the smile of victory because finally, she and Mark are slowly fulfilling their dreams with their baby boy, Corky.

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