Kilalanin Ang Maganda At Napakatalinong Anak Ni Karla Estrada Na Si Magui Ford Planas

Karla Estrada has been in the showbiz industry since the 80s. Many people admire Karla because of her acting and singing skills. And until now, she is still active in showbiz as one of the hosts of the Kapamilya morning show “Magandang Buhay.”

It is not unknown to everyone that Karla has captured many hearts because of her beauty. So it is not surprising that her love life has been colorful, with several guys linked to her.

One of them is the father of Kapamilya actor Daniel Padilla, Rommel Padilla. Daniel truly inherited a lot from his parents, apart from being handsome, he also has charisma when it comes to acting. That’s why Karla is so proud whenever she is called “Daniel’s mother”.

When it comes to her children, Karla is a very happy and proud mother. Apart from Daniel, Karla has another child that she is very proud of. She is Margaret Ford Planas, who is Karla’s daughter with her former partner, former Quezon City councilor Mike Planas.

Like his siblings, Magui also has a beauty and charm that she inherited from her mother, Karla. This is evident in her social media videos and photos. Even though she didn’t enter showbiz, Magui can be considered an instant celebrity because of the number of followers she has on social media. So far, Magui’s Instagram followers have hit 1 million.

Meanwhile, aside from her beauty, her family is also proud of her, especially her mother, for her academic achievements. Magui graduated from Senior High School with honors last year. She was also accepted to a prestigious university in Australia, the University of Melbourne, where she is set to attend college. In a post on Instagram, Karla couldn’t help but be proud of her beautiful daughter’s achievements.

But Magui is more than “beauty and brains” because she is also “talented”.

Her thousands of fans on social media know that Magui can play many instruments such as guitar and piano. And like many young people, Magui is active on TikTok and is also a member of the fandom of K-pop boy band BTS.

Despite her popularity and having a mother and brother in showbiz, it appears that Magui has not considered acting and is instead focused on her education and fulfilling her dreams.

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