Boxing Champ Na Si Donnie Nietes, Pinasok Ang Pagiging Isang Delivery Rider Na Ikinagulat Ng Mga Netizens

We don’t do justice to everything we say unless we’ve been through it. It’s like the work of delivery riders who don’t just deliver orders to their customers because they also go through many challenges every day that put their patience to the test.

Even if most of us are unfamiliar with the sport of boxing, we still have little knowledge about it. Just like we knew a few famous and successful Filipino boxers like Donnie “Ahas” Nietes who became world champion in four weight classes. He truly amazes many people due to his great abilities in the stated sport, but it appears that his boxing skills are not the only thing he has because he recently shocked the public when he shared that he entered being a delivery rider.

On Tuesday, the boxing champion posted a photo on Facebook of himself dressed in the pink uniform of a well-known food delivery service.

Donnie wrote in the caption,

“Food panda delivery.”

In this post of his, it is currently garnering 51,000 likes and 15,000 shares, with netizens showering the comment section with heaps of praise, while a few have turned their admiration into jokes.

“Pa order po sir. 2 pcs upper cut, 1 large right hook, 1 regular straight job.”

“Panigurado walang mag cacancel ng order dito sa taong ito”

“Pa order po ng 1 piece left hook with blackeye”

“5star rating or 1-2 combination na sukli?”

After the boxing champ shared the news that he is participating in being a delivery rider, he also gave a glimpse of some of the struggles that his fellow riders often experience, which as the sinking of his motorbike tire in the mud on the way to his destination.

In his recent interview with PTV4, Donnie clarified that he only does it “for fun” and because he also wants to experience the work of delivery riders.

He said,

“Just for fun lang iyon. Binili ko lang yung [t-shirt] sa Lazada or sa Shopee.”

Of course, it’s not impossible to receive negative feedback, but Donnie opted to focus on the comments from those who are happy with what he’s doing, especially because the boxer’s job as a delivery rider is no joke.

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