Larawan Ni Kuya Kim Noong Kabataan Days Niya, Inulan Ng Komento Mula Sa Mga Netizens

Perhaps many of us think that Kim Atienza, or as most people call him Kuya Kim, is simply interested in exercising to improve his health, but unknown to most, he is also a “fitness enthusiast” and this can be witnessed in the epic photo he shared in the ’90s.

Before we get to know Kuya Kim as a great TV host and weather reporter who always has trivia to share with all viewers, he was once the “Oppa” that women seem to chase after in his younger days because aside from his intelligence, he was also a hunk back then!

In the photo he shared on Instagram and on his Facebook page this Thursday, you can see a photo of him and his family when they allegedly vacationed in Boracay in 1990, where he mentioned that his father Lito Atienza was only 52 years old when this photo was taken, so now that he is 56 years old, he really couldn’t help but marvel at the rapid passage of time.

Kuya Kim wrote in the caption,

“#throwbackthursday Boracay 1990. My dad was 52 here. I am 56 now. Dang, how time flies! Mas matanda na ako sa tatay ko.”

Netizens instantly noticed the physique of Kuya Kim when he was younger in the throwback picture, especially his well-toned abs. The said photo then received different reactions and positive comments from the online community.

Here are some of their comments:

“Saiyo po pinaglihi si Gong Yoo Kuya Kim Atienza”

“Macho gwapito ka pala kuya kim atienza”

“Kuya Kim ang macho macho nyo po noon. Kaw pala ang original Masculados”

“Artistahin ka talaga kuya Kim. Pang beach body.”

Even though Kuya Kim is busy with his career in showbiz, he still makes time to have an active lifestyle because apart from triathlon, he also does weightlifting when he exercises.

Even though he is getting older, Kuya Kim still has an amazing body, making him a true “Oppa” of the Philippines.

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