Maymay Entrata, Achiever Din Sa Eskwelahan Kahit Gaano Kabusy Sa Pag-aartista At Pagmomodelo

How do others manage to thrive in two fields?

Since entering showbiz, Maymay Entrata has put in a lot of effort to showcase her acting skills. Because of her impressive acting skills, she has also starred in many TV series and movies such as “Princess DayaReese”, “Hiwaga ng Kambat”, “Hello, Love, Goodbye”, and “Fantastica”, alongside some of the greatest names in show business.

Other than being an actress, Maymay also dabbled in modeling. Surely, many of her fellow actors are also models, but very few of them get a chance to be invited to famous fashion shows in other countries. Because of Maymay’s extraordinary talent when it comes to posing, she was part of the Arab Fashion Week in the year 2018.

Before joining “Pinoy Big Brother” and later entering the showbiz industry, Maymay was said to be just a normal and “average” college student. Although she is now making a lot of money as an actress/model, she still wants to finish her education and achieve her long-held dream of getting a diploma.

Indeed, with her determination to graduate from college, Maymay was never negligent in her studies In fact, she not only manages her education and her acting journey because she also continues to excel in both fields.

Maymay recently shared on her IG story a screenshot of the official list of names of honor students in the Technology Communication Management course. It can be seen that the actress belongs to the Third Honors with a 1.750 GPA, which made her fans happy and proud of her.

Who couldn’t be impressed with Mary Dale Entrata, sometimes known as Maymay? Aside from being brilliant at acting and being a professional model, she is also smart!

We are all familiar with how difficult it is to balance working and studying but it is even more difficult for celebrities who lead hectic lifestyles, yet Maymay managed to thrive and become an honor student!

Maymay’s outstanding academic record made her a true inspiration to her supporters and fans.

Congratulations, Maymay!

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