Panganay Ni Andi Eigenmann Na Si Ellie Ejercito, Nagdiwang Ng Kaniyang Ika-11 Na Kaarawan

Andi Eigenmann greeted her eldest daughter, Ellie, on her 11th birthday on Instagram.

She wrote in the caption,

“Happy Birthday to this little lady! The past 11 years of my life have been golden because you are in it. Hoping it’s even just half as amazing for you. I am here for you all the way, my girl 4 life! Moma loves you Ellie!”

Alongside the said post are the photos of Ellie from when she was still a baby until her present photos. Andi lavishes love on Ellie as she is her first kid.

The post received many likes and “Happy Birthday” comments from netizens and famous celebrity icons and personalities.

Ellie’s biological father, Jake Ejercito, also greeted his daughter on her special day.

Many celebrities and personalities also greeted Ellie for her 11th birthday.

“Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!” KaladKaren wrote.

“Happy Birthday Ellie!!! God’s brightest blessings” Cherry Pie Picache and Sherilyn Tan commented.

“We love you and miss you” Michael Eigenmann stated.

Sunshine Dizon, Sylvia Sanchez, Lauren Young, and Dimples Romana are also among the celebrities who greeted Ellie for her special day.

Many people admire Jake Ejercito because of how good a father he is to his daughter. In fact, all of the content from his Instagram account is about his loving daughter Ellie. Even his story highlights were full of Ellie.

On Ellie’s last birthday, many people poured their admiration and love from netizens, relatives, and especially her parents. Andi and Jake’s co-parenting for their daughter Ellie serves as an inspiration to many because even though they have now a different path taking in their life, the two always prioritize Ellie and take good care of her.

The two are happy and grateful that their daughter has entered their life.
The two were able to support each other during her upcoming birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

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