Dream House Ng Kapuso Celebrity Couple Na Sina Dingdong Dantes At Marian Rivera, Ipinakita Na Sa Publiko

All dreams have weight and distance because you can’t call it a dream if there is no such element in what you want in life. We all have dreams, and that’s why we do everything to reach the goal we want to achieve in life.

But Dingdong Dantes is different; in his most recent post, you can see his picture that shows the view of their house. He can be noticed feeling the ambiance of their house while soaking in their pool. One can describe that it is cozy and calm, and it seems like you’ll relax if you’re in his place.

He wrote in the caption of his post,

“The things we cherish most often do not come easy.”

He added,

“A house is no different.”

According to her, the home is one of the things that we all want to achieve; perhaps we all have what is known as a Dream House. According to her, building a house involves hard work and sacrifice.

He said,

“We work hard to build it- founded on all the learnings and sacrifices for us to achieve it.

“Soon to be “painted” with the memories we will be creating, and love that we will be sharing within- possibly for generations to come.”

Meanwhile, the said post immediately went viral on social media and earned positive comments from netizens and some of the famous personalities.

Rocco Nacino commented, “@dongdantes point us straight to the bar sir!! Shot na! Congrats Big Boss!”

Dianne Medina wrote, “congrats kuya!”

Benjamin Alves stated, “Love the house! Congrats!”

The said post has also reached more than 66,003 likes since it was shared by Dingdong on Instagram.

Every dream of ours, like a house, does not end with its existence. It also includes taking care of it and filling it with memories.

So no matter what your dream is, whether it’s small or big, as Dingdong said, it should be reached so that once it’s there, it will be filled with memories.

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