Che Ramos, Hinangaan Sa Magaling Na Portrayal Bilang Si Dra. Enriquez Sa “Abot-Kamay na Pangarap”

In the vast world of showbiz, it is really impossible for us to recognize every actor we see on television unless they have left a huge impact and strong impression through the excellent display of their acting skills.

The competition in the showbiz industry is not new to us, but even though there are so many new artists who are constantly rising in popularity, it seems that no one can steal the spotlight from the veteran actress Che Ramos because from then until now, she has never disappointed anyone when it comes to her acting ability, which she proved once again in her portrayal of the character Dra. Katie Enriquez from the TV show “Abot-Kamy na Pangarap”.

The public is looking forward to every episode of the primetime series “Abot-Kamay na Pangarap,” which stars Carmina Villaroel, Richard Yap, Dominic Ochoa, Jillian Ward, Che Ramos, and many others.
That’s because of the extremely satisfying few intense scenes. Just like the one when Dra. Katie, which is played by Che, confronts Zoey Tanyag, or Kazel Kinouchi in real life.

Due to the combative and fierce approach of Dra. Enriquez to Zoey in episode 60 of the TV series, viewers fell even more in love with Che due to her amazing portrayal in her role as well as the immaculate delivery of her memorable line, “I am the principal resident here. Marami nang bumato sa akin and yet I’m still standing.

If I hear you disrespecting me and smearing my good name behind my back, I will eat you alive… bones and all.”

Che’s flawless portrayal of her role, as well as her fulfilling performance in confronting Zoey really gives goosebumps to the viewers, and the 41-year-old actress is now receiving positive remarks from the netizens.

“Ang galing talaga ni dra.enriquez..ang taray with a good ehart nakakatakot syang kalabanin hahahaah ingat zoey at moira mali kau ng kinakalaban…”

“Excellent Performance Dra. Enriquez! You are one of a kind! Salute you Ma’am!”

“I love it..super duper galiong n doctora enrique’s.”

“Kinilabotan ako sa mga punchlines ni Dra. Enruquez. Graabeee. And galing. love it”

Ever since “Abot-Kamay na Pangarap” aired, almost all viewers have been looking forward to Dra’s “slay moments”. Che Ramos, who plays Dra. Enriquez does an excellent job portraying her role.

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