Brilliant Skin CEO Na Si Glenda Victorio, Namigay Ng P1-M Para Sa Lahat Ng Kaniyang Empleyado

The competition in the corporate world is really fierce, so most CEOs are only focused on their daily income, benefits, and production. So, so it’s really amusing when there are business owners who are also concerned with the well-being of their employees because it’s indeed true that the company grows when all of the employees are happy and satisfied.

Despite so many adversities, Glenda Victorio was able to successfully build her company Brilliant Skin Essentials which continues to prosper today, earning her the title of one of the Philippines’ most successful young CEOs today.

Now that her company continues to grow and expand, Glenda is really busier but despite her hectic schedule every day, she still has a lot of appreciation for all her employees. In fact, she even bring more than 100 of her staff to Balesin where she shared her blessings and gave out money that only reached one million!

In the recent video that Senyora shared on her Facebook page, Miss Glenda can be seen flinging money in the air as her staff rushes to get it.

According to the Brilliant Skin CEO, this event took place in 2020 when she and her employees went on vacation in Balesin but netizens only now found out about it when Senyora posted it on social media.

Miss Glenda said,

“Dahil nai-share na ni Senyora, share ko nadin. This is wayback 2020, nasa 100+ staff ko ang dinala ko sa Balesin, Island. Lahat naman ng staff ko magaling pero sila yung PINAKA.”

She added,

“Tagal na ano? PERO hindi lahat ng nangyayari, pagshe-share ko ng blessings ay nilalagay ko sa social media.

“Normal na sa amin ‘yan, kahit hindi pasko, kahit simpleng ganap, ginagawa ko talaga yan basta masaya ako.”

Miss Glenda went on to say that it is possible to just hand out money to the staff one by one, but she said she prefers that there is a thrill and that everyone can enjoy themselves so that they can also make the most of their Balesin vacation.

She said,

“Opo, pwede namang ipamigay isa-isa, pero iba kasi talaga yung saya ng may twist and trhill.”

Even though Miss Glenda spends a lot of money, nothing compares to the satisfaction she receives when she sees the happy smiles of her staff.

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