Neri Naig, Proud Na Natapos Na Ang Kanyang Kursong Business Administration

A person with a sense of humor really has a unique effect, so perhaps Neri Naig is so blooming because of the light personality of her husband, Chito Miranda. How true is this?

Many people believe that skincare, not being stressed in life, or having money are the reasons why a person looks blooming and has a beautiful physical appearance.

However, many people fail to see that the presence of those we love in our lives who also has a light personality and the ability to provide humor has also a significant impact on it. Just like the married couple Neri Naig and Parokya Ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda.

After being together as a couple for several years, Neri and Chito’s happiness and love for each other have not faded.

And, because everyone knows that married life goes through various trials, the couple ensures that every problem is equal to comedy and laughter.

Sometimes, the joy of positive happenings in their lives is doubled, just like the news shared by Neri on social media recently.

Aside from being an actress and managing her various businesses, Neri is also concurrently studying Business Administration at the University of Baguio under the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP), which aims to provide an opportunity for “working professionals” to obtain a degree just like the actress.

Neri is about to graduate after more than a year of hard work. To celebrate her achievement, she shared on Instagram on Saturday, April 23 her “graduation photo” but instead of her being alone in said photo, Chito can be seen behind her posing with a peace sign.

If you simply look at the picture, it can be said that Chito is being photob0mbed but if you think about it carefully, the picture expresses Neri’s gratitude to her husband who has always been there and supported her.

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