Kiray Celis, Ibinahagi Ang Kaniyang Saloobin Sa Pagkawala Ni Jovit Baldivino

Comedian Kiray Celis expressed her thoughts on the cause of the d3ath of “Pilipinas Got Talent” season 1 Grand Winner and singer Jovit Baldivino.

Jovit p4ssed away due to an aneurysm this Friday, December 9, 2022. He was 29.

On her Facebook account, Kiray shared a video where she and Jovit, the actress’ boyfriend, Stephan Estopia, and some other friends were enjoying their boat ride while singing.

This is followed by Kiray saying her sentiments about the reality of the celebrities and performers like them.

She wrote,

“HIRAP rin po talagang maging performer o artista..

“Kapag tumanggi ka sa gusto nila, mayabang o nagbago kana.

“Yung kahit malungkot ka, dapat masaya ka sa paningin nila.

“Kahit antok ka dapat hyper ka sakanila. Kahit gutom ka dapat nakangiti kapa rin.”

Kiray then pleads to the public to understand that sometimes celebrities are also faced with challenges that they are unaware of.

She said,

“Kaya sana intindihin niyo rin po na tao lang rin kami. Artista man o hindi, lahat po tayo may problema.

“Lahat tayo may pinagdadaanan sa araw araw. Kaya piliin natin umunawa. Piliin nating maging mabait.”

In the official statement released by Jovit’s family, it was said that Jovit was still recovering from his hypertension when a friend invited him to an event in Batangas City.

Although his doctor still prohibits him from performing, Jovit did not refuse when people at the event asked him to sing.

In the video taken from the event, it can be seen that Jovit is having trouble breathing while singing, but he continues to perform.

An hour later, while sitting, the singer suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.

Jovit had been in a coma for five days before passing away this morning.

Kiray also asked for prayers for Jovit’s family and his fiancée Camille Ann Miguel.

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