Gary Valenciano, Naghayag Ng Kaniyang Pagpupugay Kay Jovit Baldivino “I always wait to hear his parts in ASAP”

Jovit Baldivino’s friends and former colleagues in “ASAP” were deeply saddened by the d3ath of the singer, and they took to social media to express their sympathies and condolences to the singer’s family.

The 29-year-old singer p4ssed away on December 9, 2022, at around 4 in the morning at the Jesus of Nazareth Hospital in Batangas.

Among the celebrities who gave a heartfelt message for PGT grand winner, Jovit is his fellow singer, Gary Valenciano.

In a Twitter post, the premier singer stated that until now, he still can’t believe that Jovit has gone now and already joined our Creator.

He added that he will never forget the days he would always wait to hear the parts of music that were performed by Jovit in ASAP.

He said,

“Parang I still can’t believe this. I’ll never forget how I would always wait to hear his parts in ASAP.”

Gary also noted that Jovit has always got to prove why he was the champion of Pilipinas Got Talent and that he would always try to encourage the young singer to keep on shining because he has an amazing talent.

Gary added,

“He always got to prove why he was Pilipinas Got Talent’s champion. I always always always would try to encourage him to keep shining.”

His post ended with a message for Jovit, saying to sing with Jesus when he sees him.

“Sing for Jesus when you see Him Jovit.”

Jovit Baldivino was a Filipino singer who rose to prominence after appearing on the reality TV show Pilipinas Got Talent. In 2010, he also won a prestigious competition. He has performed in fiestas and other events all across the Philippines.

On December 9, he died at the age of 29. The singer was the first grand prize winner of PGT, receiving P2 million. Netizens replayed his grand finals performance in 2010, in which he performed “Too Much Love Will Kill You.” At the time, Jovit received the majority of the votes, making him the grand winner and catapulting him to stardom.

His sudden d3ath stunned many netizens on social media. According to a report, the late singer was invited by a family friend from Batangas City.
Jovit also allegedly sang three songs for the audience despite being advised not to sing while he is recovering from his illn3ss.

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