Ito Na Pala Ang Simpleng Pamumuhay Ni Wilma Doesnt Na Mag-isang Itinaguyod Ang Kaniyang Tatlong Anak

Being a single parent is really difficult, especially if your children are close in age. That’s why we salute and admire all the parents who support and raise their children alone no matter how challenging life is.

Like Wilma Doesnt, an actress who was once well-known and had various projects in the industry, she now lives a humble life and has three children.

Although the fathers of her children are different and she was not lucky enough to have a strong relationship with her partner, the actress is happy that she can handle everything to raise her children well.

In fact, even though she is known in the industry, she lives a simple life and she proudly shared it on social media because this is the reality of her life.

Wilma also did not skimp on raising her children while working in the industry, since her children know how to do housework. Wilma believes it is important that her children learn certain household chores while they are still young and listen to their mother.

She went through a lot of difficulties, especially when her children were still young. She had no companion on taking care of them, and every time they felt something, Wilma was full of worry because she knew she was the only one her children could count on.

So since then, she has been strict when it comes to her children’s health because it is very difficult every time they have an illness.

Some of Wilma’s Instagram postings show how simple and down-to-earth her family is. Their clothes are also simple and their children sleep close to each other in the same bed.

Wilma is now busy being the CEO and President of the Manila International Integrated Learning Center, an institution that provides jobs or internships to recent HRM, Tourism, Culinary, and Business Management graduates. She still has multiple projects in show business, so leaving her children is difficult.

Wilma still finds it difficult to live lavishly since she supports three people, which is why she continues to work harder and hopes that one day she will have enough savings to make their lives better.

But even though their lifestyle is simple, the actress is happy that her family is far away from any illness. She said that one of her greatest blessings is to be with her father, three children, and her non-showbiz partner.

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