Janice de Belen, Ipinakita Sa Publiko Ang Kaniyang Napakaganda At Mala-mansyon Na Tahanan

Most of us are inspired by our admired artists not just for their beauty or talent, but also for the hard work and perseverance they show at work.

Over a long period, we have seen how they have improved themselves and achieved their dreams.

One of them is veteran actress Janice De Belen who began the entertainment industry at a young age. In a few decades, she has accomplished many things in life, such as her beautiful house, which is the fruit of her hard work.

The actress’ dream house is like a mansion that has undergone multiple renovations to accommodate their growing family. Janice has children and grandchildren, so she wants the house to be spacious and kid-friendly.

Janice fulfilled her family’s dream house with the help of architect and interior designer friends Dong Caritativo, Arlene Andres, and Deng Gepanaga.

Their door is made of wood and as soon as they enter, guests will be immediately greeted by a large and spacious living room.

The entire house of the actress is almost surrounded by glass windows, allowing natural light to penetrate and keep the space from becoming dark.

Apart from the colorful and beautiful art pieces in Janice’s house, she also has a gorgeous and neat kitchen that is also eye-catching. It is also completely furnished, especially because she enjoys cooking.

On the second floor are the rooms of the whole family, and each one has a unique design and theme based on their favorite color. They also have a small garden and a dining table, which Janice frequently uses for family gatherings.

The life and house of actress Janice de Belen are indeed inspiring and her “house tour” gave netizens an idea of ​​how to make their dream house more beautiful. She also gives inspiration to many that they should not lose hope, instead just keep on dreaming and work harder to fulfill their dreams.

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