Ito Pala Ang Napakalinis At Napakagandang Tahanan Ni Cristine Reyes

Maybe one of the signs that we are getting older is that we are being fussy about the place, especially in our own house. We want it to always be clean, cozy, and tidy.

Just like the home of the beautiful actress Cristine Reyes. Surely every man has heard of this actress. They are definitely impressed, fascinated, and captivated by her acting skills aside from her stunning beauty.

She’s sure to be able to perform well in every genre, including action, drama, comedy, and romance.

So it’s no wonder why she is one of the most successful actresses in the showbiz industry.

Because of her hard work and perseverance, she has been able to build significant assets. Just like her house which is located in the south of Metro Manila.

The renovation of her house took 3 months and the actress was hands-on with it. She also chose and bought the equipment in her house, and she even chose the color for the spaces within her home.

The white color she chose for the design of her home is perfect. The actress also placed some lights to make her home look quiet and peaceful. Cristine bought the said house prior to her marriage.

His living room is filled with natural light from her large glass door. There is also a huge sofa on which to sit comfortably. She also installed built-in shelves to display different kinds of her knickknacks.

The color theme of their dining table is likewise white, with the exception of the lime green wall that brings the space to life. Their leather seats and marble table were custom-made.

Their kitchens are spacious and decorated with wood. There are also some little plants that can be found here. When you enter their second floor, will be greeted by a cozy vibe and a comfortable seat. Paintings and pictures are also displayed on the walls.

Because of Cristine’s passion to watch movies, she thought of putting an Entertainment Room in her home. This space is huge, featuring a large sofa, TV, and a center table for food or beverages. It’s similar to a little cinema.

The wall in Cristine’s room is a combination of gray, lavender, and cream wallpaper. There are also two side tables that can be seen next to her big bed. The actress often hangs out on the balcony of her bedroom which gives her a view of their garden.

Her bathroom is wide and mostly painted red. There is also a mirror in the cabinet of her comfort room to give it a bigger look. As a celebrity, of course, the walk-in closet was also present at her house. All the things in her walk-in closet are clean and tidy.

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