Paano Nagsimula Away Ni Alex Gonzaga At Dina Bonnevie Na Nag Viral Na Ngayon Sa Social Media

Four years after hearing veteran actress Dina Bonnevie’s statement regarding an actor she confronted while on the set of her series, TV host Alex Gonzaga shared her side because he was allegedly the person Dina referred to in the said interview.

Even though the two actresses did not mention the name of who they were reprimanding in their statements, netizens soon came up with an idea since they believed the two of them matched the situation they were involved in at work.

In 2011, the two were starring in the TV5 drama series ‘P.S.
‘I Love You,’ the TV sequel to Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta’s 1981 blockbuster film. In the said series, Alex and Dina played the role as the mother and daughter.

In an episode titled ‘Hi, I’m The Anti-Hero’ that Alex Gonzaga released for her podcast ‘Ano Na Catherine by Alex Gonzaga,’ she recounts an unforgettable experience while working on a TV series with several well-known celebrities in the industry. On the set of the show, this actor became enraged with her and yelled at her.

She claimed that the event traumatized him at the age of 21 because it was the first time she had received such treatment from an older actor. Also based on the interviews done with this personality, Alex feels that she is being portrayed as a bad co-worker.

She shared,

“Pinagsisigawan ako ng isang artistang matanda. Pinagsisigawan talaga niya ako from head to foot, everything.

“Akala niya galing ako sa bahay, late lang ako, hindi niya alam na galing ako sa work kasi siguro hindi sinabi sa kanya.”

But it seems that Alex saw an inconsistency in the interview she watched, so she decided to make the said issue to be the subject of her podcast.

The Tropang LOL host shared,

“After how many years, she’s painting me as a bad guy, na deserve ko [masigawan].

“Yung pinapanood ko [yung interview niya], I think hindi ako yan. Pero parang yung kuwento ko ang sinasabi niya, pero mali yung kuwento niya.

“Parang you would just let it be. And then kapag sila pa yung nagkuwento, sila pa yung mabait, [at] ikaw pa yung masama, parang ibang-iba na yung kuwento.”

Alex chose to ignore Dina’s statements then, so it took four years for her to shed light on the said issue. But many netizens were surprised by Alex’s disclosure because they recall that Dina was a guest of Tropang LOL last October and she even played in their segment called ‘Marites’. Alex was present that day and they got along well with each other during the game segment.

Alex was even asked by Dina while jokingly criticizing Matteo’s robe in the said segment. Some netizens who watched the said podcast were not pleased by the actress’ statement. Some netizens noted that Alex did not respond to the issue and did not clarify whether or not it actually happened.

Here are some comments from the netizens:

“Hindi mo naman sinagot yung issue nila sayo na lagi kang late at pinaghihintay mo sila. Walang excuse sa pagiging late, kay bahay o work ka galing. Late ka. Kaya sinabihan ka sa interview na ang tanso, magpanggap man na ginto ay tanso pa din.”

“In the first place, humingi ba siya ng pasensya. Kung humingi siya, nice move ‘yon. You also need to consider ‘yung feelings nung sinaktan o pinaghintay mo. Tsaka hindi naman ipinakita ni Ms. D na siya ay mabait, ipinakita nga niya kung gaano siya kataray at ka-prangka.”

“Point is, late ka pa din girl. Also, adjust adjust ka din sa paligid mo pag may time. Girl, deserve mong masigawan kasi late ka nga. Dapat may concept ka ng professionalism. Hindi excuse na galing ka sa ibang schedule.”

“Just say sorry, then show na nagbago ka na. Then we can all move on.”

Dina’s disclosure of her experience working with novice and young artists is also from what she went through when she was just starting out in the industry. She just shared a lesson with newbies to learn proper work ethics especially if their co-workers have been in the industry for a long time. The fact that she lambasted the young actress at the time, who most people assumed was Alex, was just showing that she should know how to work with other people properly.

Dina then stated in an interview that she raged at a young celebrity because she made them wait on the set for several hours.

Dina shared,

“Talagang… I gave her hell.

“Talagang sinabihan ko siya, ‘Who do you think you are? Are you famous? Who are you? What name have you made? Have you carved your name in stone in showbiz? Your call is at 9 o’clock and you come down from your van at 12 o’clock na naka-pajama? Really?’

“Sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Hindi pa ipinapanganak ang mambabastos sa akin. If you want to continue taping this soap like this, do it yourself.’”

She added that even fellow senior actors are complaining about the young actress’ attitude.

“Aalis siya pag lunch time, babalik siya, alas-tres na.

“Sabi ko, ‘Hello?’ Tapos, kami, hintay kami nang hintay.”

According to reports, the young starlet even attempted to complain to her mother, but Dina did not back down. It was reported that Dina came at 7 a.m., while Alex arrived at 4 p.m. due to another commitment. It is also said that Mommy Pinty tried to pull out Alex on the said project, but it was too late as she was one of the lead roles in the series.

In Dina’s more than three decades in the industry, she already lambasted and straightforwardly answered many celebrities and Alex is just one of those who experienced her straightforwardness. She added that the behavior she disliked the most was when the celebrity asked the director what her lines were, which she considered disrespectful to the highest of them on the set.

“What really pisses me off is kunyari nag-eeksena na kayo, nagre-rehearse, tapos asa phone.

“Tapos yung director pa ang tatanungin, ‘Direk, ano nga yung line ko?’

“You should know your lines. Hindi yung, ‘Direk, Direk, ano nga ito?’ E, may mga mabait naman na director, ‘Ah, eto sasabihin mo.'”

However, the veteran actress is open to mentoring aspiring actresses who want to get into the industry. She then advised the newbies in the industry also need to keep in mind the five G’s that will help their career.

“First, you were given a gift. You have to be thankful for the gift of acting. You have to be able to give. Kasi kahit magaling na artista kung ang ka-eksena niya ay puchu puchu lang, hindi ka din makaka-give masyado kasi walang give and take.

“And then, with the gift, you have to be grateful for that. And by being grateful di ba, you become responsible. Your gift should also be used to glorify God.”

The last thing that celebrities need to remember is growth.

“You never think na, ‘Oh, ang galing ko sa scene na ‘yon. Magaling na ako’. The minute you think of that, there’s no more room for growth. You have to continue to challenge yourself to new heights.”

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