Katotohanan Sa Balik Showtime Ni Vhong Navarro At Suporta Ng ABS-CBN Sa 1 Million Bail Niya

An actor and TV personality, Vhong Navarro was granted temporary release only on December 6. Vhong was also imprisoned for about four months because of the accusation against him by model Denice Cornejo.

A copy of the order allowing his release from jail was released to the public and he will be released on P1-M bail, and the full trial is still scheduled for the case involving him.

A few hours after the court order for Vhong’s release was issued, Atty. Marie Glen Abraham-Garduque, the collaborating council of the TV host, said that Vhong was released from the Taguig City Jail Mail Dormitory at around 6 p.m. With the release of this good news, many are hoping that in just a few days they will be able to watch and be with Vhong again on the noontime show It’s Showtime.

The management of the show will ensure that they will be with him as soon as possible. This is also the request of his colleagues in the said TV show and we also know them being vocal in the hope that one day they will be completed in the program again. Vhong’s return will be an emotional one that will surely attract many viewers.

It should be noted that one of his co-hosts Ion Perez wishes for his birthday is for Vhong to remain strong since he is not alone in his fight against the case. This request was fulfilled even by his fans who continued to support him despite the issue he was going through.

The rap3 complaint filed against Vhong has no bail because it is a non-bailable violation of the law. However, the order says that bail can only be rejected if the accused is charged with an offense punishable by reclusion Perpetua or life imprisonment and there is substantial proof of guilt. However, three major contradictions were identified in this case, one of which being Denice’s statement that Vhong forced her to drink medicine.

The model claimed that she was unaware that the TV host had placed drugs in her drink and that no medical tests were performed to prove it. Denice further stated that Vhong was not carrying a weapon when the incident happened. He didn’t scare her and he didn’t beat her either.

Under the rules of criminal procedures, when bail is granted, the accused must appear in the proper court whenever the court requests it.

Atty. Alma Mallonga said that the TV host is happy when his request to be freed from prison was heard.

“Mr. Vhong Navarro is very happy and grateful that he has been granted bail. He is thankful to the court which granted his petition. His family, his friends, his legal team, and all those who supported and believed in him throughout his ordeal certainly share his happiness and this wonderful development.”

The announcement of Vhong’s transfer from the NBI Detention Facility to the Taguig City Jail in Camp Bagong Diwa was released on November 21, one week after the NBI obtained the order for Vhong’s transfer, which finally took effect on November 21. But before he could join the PDLs, he had to go through a 15-day quarantine in an isolation cell.

According to reports, Vhong filed a petition to remain in the custody of the NBI since there was an attempt and risk to the actor’s life, according to his wife Tanya. Because of the threats, Tanya was receiving, Vhong’s camp was concerned about his protection during his transfer to the Taguig City jail. However, the court did not favor it, saying the evidence presented by Vhong’s camp was not enough to support their petition not to transfer him to jail.

The court upheld the protest with an urgent request filed by Denice’s camp for Vhong’s immediate transfer to the municipal jail.

Meanwhile, the court of appeals denied the actor’s appeal against the dismissal of grave coercion charges against Jet Fernandez, one of the defendants in the rape accusation filed against the TV host. In a decision issued on November 11, the CA explained that Vhong failed to prove his argument because both sides were given the opportunity to be heard in their respective appeals.

Following the case’s dismissal, the court concluded that due process had been followed. Vhong then argued in his petition that the Taguig City Regional Court Branch 266 rendered a mistrial that resulted in the denial of due process after the court changed the initial decision and acquitted Fernandez in the grave coercion case.

The same court found Fernandez, Denice, and Cedric Lee guilty of forcing the actor to confess to the crime on a police blotter. Denice’s group, according to Vhong, escorted him to the southern police district which threatened and coerced him into admitting what happened. However, However, documents reveal that Vhong and the accused were not refused the right to be heard because they were required to file their appeal memorandum. The court is also not convinced that there is anything preventing the judge from progressing the case through the evidence that has been presented.

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