Mga Netizens Nabahala Ngayon Sa Kalagayan Ni Gary V

Like ordinary people, our admired artists also face various trials in life.

Recently, the message of remembrance and prayer for the singer-songwriter Gary V. or Gary Valenciano poured into social media.

Gary V. as Mr. Pure Energy:

Gary V. is known in showbiz as “Mr. Pure Energy.” And just by looking at him, you can tell he’s a great performer.

In fact, at the age of 58, he still beats young performers when he sings and rocks on stage. That is why the fact that he is currently facing severe trials with regard to his health has caused much concern to many.

Disturbing Post:

On December 14, Gary V. shared a disturbing post on his Twitter account.

In this post, he passionately announced that he needed God’s ‘miraculous touch’ to overcome the ordeal he is going through now.

He also humbly asked God for help so that he could get through the next few nights in his life.

In addition, he also prayed that what he was going through now would not be an obstacle for him to feel the spirit of Christmas.

Gary V said, “Lord…I’m going to need your miraculous touch to get me through tonight and the next few nights to come. Help me not lose the sense and spirit of Christmas in the middle of all these challenges.”

In the end, Gary V. prayed to God to keep him healthy all the time.

He said, “Kindly help in keeping me healthy at all times Lord. In Your name Jesus I pray, Amen.”

Messages of prayer for Gary V. immediately poured in from his friends and colleagues in the industry, and from his thousands of fans.

It is their prayer that Gary V. will overcome whatever test he is currently going through with his health.

Here is what some netizens commented:

“With God nothing is imposible….believe and it will happen may His healing hands touch you and cleans every nerve in your body to restor your health to Glorify His Name forever. Amen”

“Our Almighty Father in Heaven bless and give you a healthy and long life, Mr.Gary are an idol and inspiration..”

“Lord we pray for the healing of Mr. Gary Valenciano. We lift him up to you O Lord because you are the way, the truth and the life. Nothing is impossible to You O Lord, amen.”

Meanwhile, following his post, many have been asked what is the true condition of the one and only Mr. Pure Energy.

We have also heard many serious illnesses that Gary V. has gone through in recent years and it is no secret that he has overcome them.

And it looks like this time, he once again got through one of the hardest nights of his life.

This is after he announced in his latest Twitter post that his condition is gradually improving.

He said there is nothing to worry about because he just needs to rest to recover.

Gary V. also apologized because his previous post caused panic among many.

Gary V. did not forget to thank the people who worried about him and prayed for his recovery.

He said, “Hi everyone. Looks like my last tweet caused many to panic. My apologies. Thanks for your genuine concern. I’m on my way to getting much better, friends. We all hit moments when our bodies just need to rest and I know that’s what I need. I love you all. Thanks again. I’m OK.”

Now it is clear to everyone that Gary V is doing well.

But his post seems to be a reminder to all of us not to abuse our bodies and to rest as well.

Moreover, it is also a reminder to us not to forget to pray to God.

Just like the idol of many, Gary V., no matter what state he is in life, his faith in God remains, whether in times of success or trials.

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