Paghihiwalay Nina Jinkee At Manny Pacquiao, Itinanggi Ng Taong Malapit Sa Kanila

The world of showbiz and social media was surprised by the news that former Senator Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee have separated. The issue took root after it was publicized by a vlogger.

There is no fear, and it appears that the vlogger behind such a channel is certain that Manny and Jinkee are no longer together. Jinkee was also believed to have filed an annulment to end her marriage to Manny.

According to the vlogger, a third party is a reason for the separation of the couple. Furthermore, a source said that Jinkee was the one who ruined her relationship with Manny. The vlogger boldly said that Jinkee left the boxing champ and went with another man. It is said that Jinkee could no longer cope with the problem that she and Manny are facing now due to the loss of their businesses.

According to the vlogger, Jinkee is the reason Manny has no money and their businesses failed. It is also stated that she has spent all of Manny’s money and everything he worked for. The vlogger brazenly stated that Manny no longer has money, and Jinkee is claimed to have chosen a wealthy businessman. Furthermore, it was also revealed that Jinkee got pregnant by the same wealthy businessman.

It was also said in the said video that Jinkee only stayed in her relationship with Manny because of his money. Aside from this, the vlogger also implicated Senator Raffy Tulfo in the issue of the two’s separation. According to the vlogger, Tulfo warned Jinkee that if she continued to cheat Manny face-to-face, he would not think twice about suing her.

Meanwhile, after the said video spread, it immediately reached Jinkee’s camp. Annabelle Rama, Manny, and Jinkee’s close friend were the first to respond to the news. Annabelle defended Jinkee from the vlogger’s vicious accusations.

In an Instagram post, Annabelle denied the news that Jinkee filed for an annulment. She further stated that the vlogger’s claims concerning Manny and Jinkee were false. She believes Manny and Jinkee cannot be separated since she sees how sweet and happy the two are. She added Jinkee is now busy with the 3-hectare dream house that Manny is building for them.

Annabelle warned everyone to stop harming Jinkee. In the end, netizens were shocked when Annabelle disclosed that she knows who is spreading malicious rumors about Jinkee and Manny.

Annabelle wrote in her post,

“Sa lahat ng marites, tigilan nyo na ang pag imbento ng kwento tungkol kay Jinkee na mag file ng annulment, at kawawa naman dahil buntis. I just want to clarify sa lahat ng nag txt at tawag sa akin kung totoo ang chismis, no it’s fake news. Unang una, sa nakikita ko imposibleng mag hiwalay ang mag asawa dahil sa nakikita ko ang sweet nila ang happy family.”

She added,

“Busy si Jinky sa 3hectars mansion na pinapagawa ni Manny para sa dream house nilang mag asawa at malapit na itong matapos. Kaya yung mga marites, tigilan nyo na. Alam ko kung sino ang gumagawa ng chismis mamatay ka sa inggit.”

Meanwhile, showbiz columnist Lolit Solis, who is also Jinkee’s close friend, weighed in on the issue. If you recall, Jinkee helped Lolit with her medical bills last year. Lolit feels that because she knows Jinkee, the person creating rumors about her is simply envious of her.

Lolit said,

“Ang dami ng bashers ni Jinkee na kung ano anong kinakalat na chismis tungkol sa mga ginagawa ni Jinkee. Talagang kapag nasa itaas ka, inggit ang marami sa’yo tulad nila salve at gorgie na ang dami ng inggit sa tinatamasa nilang tagumpay. Imagine mo pa-Japan at pa-Europe lang naman.

“Kaya naman huwag ka ng maloka Bernard talagang hindi nila tigilan Jinkee dahil sa lakas ng inggit nila. At habang inggit sila lalo pang gaganda at bongga si Jinkee with Manny Pacquiao around. Bongga ‘di ba?”

Following this, Tulfo’s camp first denied the rumor that he allegedly advised Jinkee and threatened to sue her for cheating on Manny.

Meanwhile, Jinkee spoke about the issue being thrown at her and her relationship with Manny for the first time. In her series of comments on Annabelle’s post, she just prayed for the person who is destroying her and her relationship with Manny. She also shared a meaningful bible verse that seems to be her reaction to those who destroy her.

She said,

“Ang taba ko s pic nato tita

“hayaan mo na sila God bless them!

“Vengeance is mine I will repay, says the Lord.”

Apart from this, Jinkee first indicated in her Facebook post on Sunday, January 29 that she and Manny are still together.

She posted a sweet photo of her and Manny with a caption:

“Every day, I Love You more!”

Meanwhile, it is not unknown to many that this is not the first time that Jinkee and Manny’s relationship has been involved in controversy. Manny had confessed in 2015 that he and Jinkee were on the brink of separation due to his issues with women and addiction to vices such as gambling and drinking. However, Manny insists that he has given up his former self including his vices. He also shared that his return to the Lord is why his relationship with Jinkee became more stable and stronger.

It is not unknown to many that Manny and Jinkee were only 19 years old when they got married in the church on May 10, 2000. Their paths first crossed when they were introduced to each other by Jinkee’s uncle who is Manny’s boxing trainer.

Currently, Manny and Jinkee have been married for 23 years and are blessed with five children. Just proof that whatever issue is thrown at them, it will not destroy the solid foundation of their marriage.

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