Katotohanan Sa Land Grabbing Issue Ni Bea Alonzo Sa Lupain Ng Mga Aetas Sa Zambales

Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo is now facing controversy after a netizen accused her regarding the land issue of the native Aeta people, who live next door to their big farm in Zambales.

The controversy arose after a netizen accused her of stealing and grabbing Aeta natives’ land. It started after Bea featured in her recent vlog inviting and preparing food for some Aeta natives who live next to her farm in Zambales.

Bea clearly intended to surprise their Aeta neighbors, as evidenced by the fact that she cooked and cared for them personally. Furthermore, Bea can be seen in the vlog having fun and dancing with them. It is worth noting that she adores and cares for her indigenous neighbors.

The said vlog quickly went viral after it was uploaded. Many people admired Bea for her kindness to the Aeta natives. However, the actress’ invitation to the natives was tarnished by hostility and controversy. This is due to a netizen accusing Bea of stealing or grabbing a large farm or land from the Aeta natives.

The accusation came from the Twitter account aloveyoutoo. The said netizen said against Bea,

“That’s nice, now how about giving their land back.”

Many netizens were immediately intrigued by the accusatory comments of the said Twitter user. Following this, the issue of Bea’s alleged land grabbing arose. Many people questioned whether the said Twitter user’s comment was true.

Meanwhile, Bea’s camp speaks up after Bea received harsh remarks only due to the Twitter user’s comment. Bea’s legal representative, Atty. Joey V. Garcia of the GERA legal firm made the bold claim against the aforementioned Twitter user.

In his statement, the lawyer bluntly and directly said that Bea strongly opposes the baseless and unfair accusation of the said netizen. The lawyer clarified that Bea and her family are the legal and registered owners of the land. He also insisted that Bea obtained the said land through legal and proper means or in other words the actress did not grab or seize the land from the Aetas.

In a statement published, Joey warned the said netizen,

“It is unfortunate that a certain ‘aloveyoutoo’ made a very irresponsible & highly outrageous statement on Twitter asserting that Ms. Bea Alonzo should give ‘their – (referring to Aetas) land back.

“For the record, our client vehemently opposes that baseless and very unfair accusation. She and her family are the absolute and registered owners of the parcels of land in Zambales, acquired through legal and valid means.”

Following that, Atty. Joey advised the claimed internet user to retract his baseless accusation and quit making defamatory words that supposedly bring Bea shame. Bea’s legal counsel is also prepared to file a relevant complaint against the person who made the accusation if he does not retract it.

Atty. Joey said,

“Let this message serve as a stern & final warning to that fellow who made the disparaging remarks against Ms. Bea Alonzo on social media to retract his/her unfounded accusation and to cease from further making defamatory statements that bring disrepute to our client.

“Otherwise, we shall be constrained to initiate all the appropriate legal actions against him/her in no time.”

Meanwhile, many of her fans defended Bea against the defamatory accusation of the said netizen. They insist that there is no doubt that Bea went through the same process when she bought the said land. According to them, it is not in Bea’s character and personality to trample others and steal things that she did not work for and that is not hers. Looking back on Bea’s career, it cannot be denied that she has earned and saved a lot from acting.

Bea, as you may recall, began her career in the show business at a young age. Her acting career began in the year 2002. Her projects, shows, and TV series have continued since then. She is known as a great actress, model, and singer. Since she has been acting for a long time, she has also saved a lot and turned it into investments.

In fact, last year Bea was able to invest P30M in real estate when she bought a property in Spain to get a golden visa. Because, according to Spanish government legislation, one must first invest in real estate before being given a golden visa and becoming a citizen of their country.

Bea’s farm in Zambales, Beati Firma, is one of her largest assets, aside from her 30 million investment in Spain. Beati Firma is a Latin word meaning ‘blessed farm’. It is a 16-hectare organic farm. In 2011, Bea bought that land with the help of her friend Isabel Rivas. The farm is full of mahogany trees, mango trees, and calamansi trees, and has a variety of live stock and poultry.

One of her investments was tractors. She said this will help because there is a lot to do on the farm for their work to be productive.

In her vlog ‘Farm Tour’, it can be seen that it is so vast and so beautiful that you feel like you are in another country. Bea admitted that she was initially hesitant to start a farm because it requires a lot of manpower to care for and maintain. But also because of the help of her family, especially her mother, that’s why their farm continues to improve and grow. She is very grateful to the people who helped her on her farm.

Bea also thanked the people living in Zambales because they were so kind to her.

She said,

“No man is an island because you’ll need a lot of help from different people, and most importantly, since hindi kami taga-Zambales we’re so glad na mababait yung mga tao dito at nakakasundo talaga namin sila. And I’m feel happy that my mom is safe here, and so is my brother and his family and of course, my stepdad. I’m just so glad that everything came together.”

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