Bagong BF Ni KC Concepcion Na Isang Half-Pinoy At Half-Swiss, Usap-usapan Ngayon Sa Social Media

Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s eldest daughter, KC Concepcion, has not yet given an update about her love life for a long time. That’s why her fans are very excited when they finally see her with a Swiss guy who is very close to her.

On January 22, 2023, KC Concepcion uploaded a YouTube vlog titled ‘Palengke Day’ filmed in Ayala, Alabang Market. A source said that he was also there when KC was filming the vlog and noticed how close this guy was to KC and that he was always next to the actress the entire vlog.

According to the source, the man with KC is a mestizo. Tall approximately 5’10 in height with ash gray or salt and pepper hair. It is said that the source also noticed that the said man made an effort not to be seen in the vlog even though he was with KC during the entire market tour. That man is always by KC’s side.

After seeing the actress’s vlog from Luzern, Switzerland, a KC fan recognized this man. In an Instagram post, she shared a teaser of her vlog.

She wrote in the caption of her post,

“Sunday is for relaxing… or maybe pasyal pasyal, diba? Chill lang tayo Kaya tara na sa… LUZERN SWITZERLAND! May Swizzy (Swiss) lang din na nagdalsa sakin dito haha”

It can also notice the blurred photo of the man behind KC.

A netizen commented,

‘Sino ba yang nasa likod mo KC? Cameraman o photographer mo”

This was followed by a comment from a netizen who stated that the man with KC in the vlog was his high school classmate, whose name is Steve Michael Wuetrich and is half Swiss and half Filipino.

When they saw Steve at the intimate birthday dinner of KC’s mother, Sharon, netizens believed that he is now the one making KC’s heart happy. The man can be seen sitting next to KC at the dining table in Sharon’s IG video.

According to the report from PEP, this is the first time that KC and Steve were spotted together in November 2022 when they were caught on camera while watching the concert of KC’s friend Teacher Georcelle with the G-Force dancers. However, a source revealed that KC and Steve were spotted together in a museum in New York between May and June of last year.

It will be remembered that KC was in Europe in July 2022 when she attended her sister Chloe’s wedding. KC also toured Switzerland where Steve can be seen working as a client manager at a bank in Zurich based on her Linkedin profile. KC’s first vlog for the year 2023 is also titled ‘Getting to Know Zurich’.

Despite all the news that she is probably the man who makes KC’s heart happy, the actress remains silent about her love life.

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