Ito Pala Ang Buong Detalye Ng Paghahanda Ni Vice Ganda Sa Baby Nila Ni Ion Perez

Unbeknownst to many, comedian-host Vice Ganda has always said that he does not want to have children. Vice has a deep reason why he doesn’t want to have his own child or even adopt one. He said he doesn’t want his future child to be the target of ridicule and discrimination. No matter what he does as a parent, his child will face criticism or taunting from society since his father is considered to be g4y.

He said he was afraid of the possibility of his child having a bad experience by chance and he did not want to be the reason for the child’s negative experience.

Vice said,

“Dati talaga no-no kahit nga ‘di biological kahit biological, no-no talaga ako. Ayoko kasing i-subject ‘yung magiging anak ko sa social injustices, sa discrimination.

“‘Di ba kahit anong gawin natin, iba yung tingin ng mga tao ‘pag ‘yung tatay niya bakla. Naawa ako dun sa bata.”

He added,

“‘Yung prejudice—bakit ganoon ‘yung tatay mo?

“Masasaktan siya eh. At mararamdaman niya na baka may mali sa amin kaya ayoko.”

But as time goes by, Vice’s perspective on having a child, despite his gender and social standing, has changed. He now wishes to have children and be a full-fledged parent. He will go through the surrogacy procedure even if it costs a lot of money. But what exactly changed Vice’s mind and perspective?

According to his interview with former Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, Vice admitted that he really did not like the idea of ​​surrogacy before. He doesn’t even want to adapt because people think differently about it, especially since he’s a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. But all this changed when he found a loving and good partner with whom he wanted to start a family.

One of the factors that influenced Vice’s decision to have a kid was his happy and healthy relationship with his partner, Ion Perez. Ion or Benigno Perez in real life is a model and won the Mr. Universe Tourism pageant in May 2018. We first met Ion on Its Showtime as an escort to Ms. Q and A’s portion of the program. Due to his frequent escorting of the candidates, Vice then slowly noticed him. At first, their co-hosts teased them on Its Showtime, until their relationship became real.

Ion did not escape criticism when he was linked to Vice. Many were happy with their relationship, but many also criticized Ion for his true intentions or feelings for Vice. Because most people thought that Ion was just like the men whom Vice dated before.

Although many disagreed, their colleagues at Its Showtime supported the two of them, especially since they already know Ion very well. Their relationship continued and they also freely expressed their love for each other in public.

Their relationship progressed well, and while he didn’t want to have a kid at first, he now does. Perhaps Vice didn’t want to have children in the past because he hadn’t met a partner who is responsible and genuinely loves him and would be his partner in raising a kid.

Vice stated that when Ion mentioned that they may have a kid, he became interested in the concept. This time, he no longer cares what people say about him.

Vice stated,

“Until I met Ion at na-build ‘tong relationship namin and I found it really so beautiful; na sabi ko na kayang-kaya naming magka-baby.

“Bigla lang, ‘Ay gusto ko nang magka-baby. Wala na ‘kong pakialam sa sasabihin nila. Ang mahalaga na lang ay ibi-build ko ‘yung personality ng magiging anak ko; ‘yung character niya”

In fact, he has already researched the surrogacy procedure, much like Joel Cruz, who now has numerous pairs of twins as a result of surrogacy. Vice shared that he and Ion also plan to consult with some specialists in America about surrogacy. He said that right now he is really busy because of his work and shows. Vice plans to take a break from showbiz to focus on having a baby with Ion.

The comedian shared,

“I was planning to do it. Nagpunta ako ng America, tapos alam ko na kung saan pupuntang doktor. Pero I didn’t have the luxury of time to pursue kasi ang dami kong ginagawa. Kailangan kong mag-allot ng oras at mag-devote ng oras at tanggapin na kailangan ko munang i-set aside yung showbiz kahit ilang buwan para matutukan ko ‘yun.”

Meanwhile, many are shocked by the amount they can spend on surrogacy. He believes they will spend more than P5M to P9M on this procedure. Even though they needed to spend millions of pesos, Vice stated that he is prepared to spend the money and that he can sense the excitement of having a kid in their home.

Vice said,

“Parang ngayon may ibang magic ngayon ang mga bata ‘pag nakakakita ako ng baby, sa loob.”

When asked what gender he want, Vice stated that he wanted a baby girl. He also wants to have twins baby girl and a baby boy in the future. Vice wants to do a lot of things with his future children that he said were not given to him when he was young.

The Its Showtime host shared,

“Gusto ko ‘yung naka-gown si baby girl. Naka-ballet shoes o naka-high sock siya. Pwede rin yung babae o lalaki. Kasi diba kung ano yung na-deprived sa atin noong kabataan gusto nating bawiin. Gusto kong gawin sa kanila ‘yung hindi ko na-experience, ipapa-experience ko sa kanila. We will experience that together.”

Vice is obviously really excited to have a child. Meanwhile, many people believe that Vice will be a responsible and caring parent to his future child.

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