Maegan Aguilar, Nanghingi Ng Pinansyal Na Tulong Sa Programa Ni Raffy Tulfo Dahil Sa Kaniyang Malubhang Sakit

How many times have we heard that an artist’s or singer’s success and popularity do not last forever? But when we learn about a previously famous and successful artist who now seemed o be mired in poverty, we can’t help but feel sorry or sad for them because of their current situation. Furthermore, we can’t help but wonder what happened and why they ended up being homeless on the road, without money and just asking for help from others.

Maegan Aguilar recently shared her life story on Senator Raffy Tulfo’s YouTube program on what happened to her after being away from the limelight. The current appearance of Maegan, who is the well-known daughter of OPM icon Freddie Aguilar, is far from her previous appearance. From being a brilliant singer, now she is having difficulty in life and there is nothing left of her. Even her three children from different men she loved were not by her side.

Maegan used to live in a luxurious house, but now she and her current partner, Oliver, sleep in front of a convenience store. That’s why she didn’t hesitate to approach Senator Raffy’s program. Maegan originally came on Senator Raffy’s show after telling the taxi driver she accused of stealing to stop defaming her on social media. However, the problem has been resolved for a long time, and now a different Maegan has faced many netizens. Maegan is no longer the fierce and confrontational woman she once was, but rather a frail and humble woman seeking assistance for her life.

On January 20, the program released to their YouTube channel Maegan’s request for financial assistance to cure her illness. Maegan’s look indicates that she has a disease. Maegan used to be full of energy and beautiful, but now her eyes and cheeks are very thin and sunken. It can also notice how weak she is.

Maegan revealed on the show that she suffers from hyperthyroidism. She stated that his sickness began in 2019 and has since worsened, necessitating radioactive iodine treatment. This is a non-surgical method used to treat hyperthyroidism or hyperactive thyroid.

To prove that he wasn’t lying, her doctor himself confirmed it. The doctor also said that Maegan is on malnutrition paste. According to Maegan’s doctor, treatment should begin as soon as possible. But to do her treatment, she first needed money. She also shared her father had rejected her, so he decided to go to Senator Raffy’s program to seek help.

Maegan admitted, she couldn’t get close to her father because of their misunderstanding. It is not unknown to many that the relationship between Maegan and her father Freddie has been strained for a long time. Her misunderstanding with the singer worsened after he evicted them only because of rotten vegetables and a P1,500 debt.

She then clarified that her relationship with her father Freddie was on and off, and the reason he couldn’t help her was that he had his own reasons that he didn’t elaborate on.

The former singer explained,

“Hindi po ako makalapit kay Tatay. Hindi ko po ma-explain yung dahilan kasi he has his reasons why he’s not helping me.

“Pero I have been estranged naman po kasi, Senator Raffy, since I was 16 kasi I left the house na po. And then yung instances na nakatira po ako sa kanya is because of his request to spend time with [him], also yung mga anak ko.”

She added,

“But there’s always an on and off bati thing between me and my tatay, pero sa ngayon po kasi, hindi ko maayos, e. Dahil nga po he has his reasons na hindi ko na po alam kung ano yun. Kaya wala po akong ibang choice kundi lumapit po sa iba.”

Maegan went to the program for two reasons other than approaching Senator Raffy for financial assistance. One of them is that she wants to clear her name, which has been tarnished for a long time as a result of press reports in which she was criticized for being addicted to i!!eg4l dru6s.

Maegan sobbed as she said that she lost the opportunity to work because of her image.

She said,

“Gusto ko pong ma-stop na yung lumalabas na tsismis sa showbiz news or whatever gossip outlet or platform na I am a subst4nce abu$er, I am a dru6 add1ct, and I want it to stop coz I’m not.”

Maegan continued,

“Nawalan po kasi ako ng several opportunities to work kasi hindi lang naman po ako singer-musician, nag-graduate din po ako ng hospitality and tourism.

“I can work as a marketing manager also. I lose the opportunities kasi when they checked my background, nakikita po nila sa gossip na add1ct po ako.”

Maegan’s second request to Senator Raffy is for her to return to showbiz. Because of this, Senator Raffy called talent manager Ogie Diaz in the hope that he would help Maegan. But Ogie refused because he said he was busy with his vlogging career and could not afford to get another talent due to his busy life.

Meanwhile, Senator Raffy is willing to assist Maegan on one condition. She must first undergo a hair follicle test to prove that she has stopped using i11egal drugs. Maegan claims she stopped smoking a long time ago and is willing to take the test to prove it. Senator Raffy provided Maegan with financial assistance before returning home.

In the end, Maegan has one more request and it is that she and her father Freddie reconcile.

Maegan stated,

“Natatakot po akong maging honest, kasi batikos na naman po ako. Hindi ko alam kung dapat akong magsalita, e.

“Pero ang sinasabi ko lang po sa mga magulang ko, kung anuman ang pagkakamali ko, hindi naman siguro ganoon kalaki para talikuran nang tuluyan.

“Kasi isa lang po ang nanay at tatay ko, hindi po ba? Hindi naman po ako galing sa ibang magulang, sila lang po ang meron akong magulang. Kaya po hindi ko alam kung ano ang kailangan ko pang gawin. Parang ganun po, ipinapasa-Diyos ko na lang.”

She added,

“‘Tay, wala kasi akong ibang tatay, kayo lang, e. Hindi ko na po alam kung paano ito ayusin, unless din po willing kayo na tanggapin for who I am, what I am.

“‘Tay, I am imperfect. I am flawed. I don’t know how to fix, ‘Tay, pero sa totoo lang kasi kailangan ko kayo ngayon. Di ba, November 2 to 7, alam po ninyo iyan, binayaran ninyo ang mga gamot ko sa ospital. Muntik akong mamatay.”

Maegan continued,

“Siguro nga, ‘Tay, may purpose pa ako kay God, may purpose pa ako as a human being at may purpose pa ako bilang anak ninyo. Siguro po, ‘Tay, dapat magkaayos tayo at some point. Bago tayo mawala at wala nang chance para ayusin ang lahat.”

Meanwhile, Freddie refused to make a statement on-air but revealed that he loves Maegan very much.

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