Panalangin Para Kay Aiza Seguerra

OPM singer Aiza Seguerra is mourning the l0ss of a loved one.

During the quarantine time, many of us are interested in taking care of an animal. It seems that they can ease the sadness of being away from our loved ones. With their hugs and kisses, they make us feel that we are not alone.

OPM singer Aiza Seguerra is among those who have fallen in love with these ‘furbaby’ pets.

In fact, Aiza often flexes their furbaby dog ​​on social media. It can be seen that her partner Liza Dio cherishes their furbaby as if it were their own child. From waking up with them through showering, strolling, and even sleeping with them.

It’s like their furbaby is their real child because every time they leave, it gets restless and wants to go with them. When they come back home, this is actually the first to greet them, kissing them everywhere.

The joy that their dog brings to Aiza and Liza is really different…and so is the sadness if they lose their beloved dog.

That is why Aiza and Liza are in mourning over the bitter fate of their furbaby, Choppy. Just this December 14, Aiza shared on social media the sad thing that happened to their pet, Choppy, which caused netizens to cry.

Aiza couldn’t believe it when she learned that their furbaby had been killed in a hit-and-run. To make matters worse, Aiza is not in the country right now because of her shows and trips abroad with Liza.

The singer wrote in the caption of her post,

“My sweet boy, Choppy, was killed today. He was a victim of a hit and run. I still can’t believe this is happening. Durog na durog ako. Choppy ko..akala ko pag uwi magkasama na tayo ulit. Sobrang sakit, Chop.”

It can be recalled that the couple even celebrated Choppy’s birthday on October 4th. And now this is the very painful thing that happened to their beloved dog.

Prayers and grief poured in from Aiza’s friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances due to the loss of their furbaby. They feel the pain of losing a loved one.

Martin Nievera commented,

“Oh my god ice ! I am so so so sorry. My heart breaks with your’s . I don’t know what else to say. my thoughts and prayers are with you.”

Gary Valenciano stated,

“WHAT?!?!??!?!! OMG Ice!!!! i’m so sorry about this. Love you Ice.”

Mrs. Neri Miranda wrote,

“Oh noooo!! Isang mahigpit yakap.”

Carol Banawa said,

“What?!?! Im so sorry ninong. grabe naman.”

It is really painful to lose a loved one. Even though it’s difficult, all we can do is accept their loss and move on with their wonderful memories. Of course, every message and prayer from those who genuinely love and care for us is a big help at this difficult time.

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