Dating Bubble Gang Star Na Si Gwen Zamora, Masaya Ng Naninirahan Sa Probinsya Kasama Ang Kaniyang Asawa At Anak

Couple Gwen Zamora and basketball player/DJ David Semeran were an inspiration to many because of their simple but happy life in the province.

They decided to build a modern ‘Bahay Kubo’ on their farm in Batangas. According to the couple, they first chose to live in Batangas because it was less crowded than their condo in Manila.

They claim that staying there will be difficult, especially with the pandemic and the safety of their son Cooper.

Gwen shared on her YouTube vlog,

“The first thing that came to mind was we needed to kind of escape to a safe haven especially because back in Manila, we were staying in a c𝔬ndo unit which was more r𝔦sky especially with the v𝔦r𝔲s. That was the main reason why we chose to go to the farm.”

They both decided to live in the province and stated they had no trouble adapting to the province’s life.

Gwen said,

“It was super easy to adjust because we would always go there every weekend. So we always kind of missed it and always wanted to go back.

“Kasi when we lived in a city and we would go back every weekend, parang bitin palagi but once we got to fully imm𝔢rse ourselves for five months over there, super sar𝔞p talaga ng feeling.”

Gwen revealed that she had lived in the city her entire life, but every summer she visits her relatives in the province.

She stated,

“Both being half-Filipinos, we wanted something different from what we’ve grown up with. A true taste of the Philippines. A kubos was a de𝔞l for giving us cabin feel and a true blend with a nature of our surrounding.”

Gwenaelle Tasha Mae Agnese Zamora, popularly known as Gwen Zamora, came from Italian, French, and Vietnamese ancestry, and David John Semerad is half Filipino and half Czech. He has a twin brother named Anthony who is also a basketball player and husband of actress Sam Pinto.

Gwen and Sam used to be part of Bubble Gang along with Ellen Adarna. Both of them are no longer active in the showb𝔦z and they focus more on taking care of their children.

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