Isang Estudyante Sa Leyte, Tinalo Ang 11,000 Entries Sa Buong Mundo At Nagwagi Ng P20M Sa Isang International Science Competition

Aside from hard work and determination, intelligence is another asset to achieve our dreams and succeed in life without stepping on other people’s feet. In addition to that, Filipino people also have a creative nature that also helps us to win in any challenge of life.

This has been proven many times by most Filipinos who have not been frightened by any challenge and have conquered challenges to achieve success. Just like the Yolanda survivor student from Tacloban, Leyte.

Typhoon Yolanda severely hit the province of Leyte in 2013. And one of the families that were severely affected was the family of Grade 12 student, Hillary Diane Andales.

Hillary shared,

“We had to run up to our double-deck bed kasi we didn’t have a second floor.”

She added,

“My dad punched the ceiling tapos doon na lang kami sa steel trusses of the roof. We held on to those steel trusses for 7 hours until the storm surge subsided.”

The student is grateful that no one in their family was injured when the typhoon hit their area. That’s why apart from her love for Science, the challenges they faced became an inspiration to her to work harder in life and win a huge competition participated by 11,000 participants from around the world.

Out of 178 countries that participated in the international science competition Breakthrough Junior Challenge, the pride of Leyte, Hillary, was declared as the grand prize winner.

With her project titled “Relativity and the Equivalence of Reference Frames”, the genius student was crowned champion and won a huge prize.

Hillary received a total award of P20 million, which included a reward for her teacher and school, as well as a scholarship grant.

In Hillary’s entry, she explained the Theory of Relativity in a creative and simple way with the help of a cellphone and a pick-up truck.

The purpose of the contest is to recognize bright students who can explain hard and often difficult-to-understand scientific concepts in layman’s terms or in a simpler and more clear manner.

She said, she thinks of her time as “money”.

Hillary said,

“If I don’t think about my time as money, I spend it mindlessly. Hindi ko siya iniisip na valuable siya when in fact it is a limited resource.

“It’s a good way to look back on my growth.”

She continued,

“When I look at my attempts folder, I see myself as someone who’s not afraid of failure and someone who is going into things, entering into things with the intent to grow, not to win.”

Hillary is said to have been falling in love with science when she was still a child since her parents shared science trivia with her instead of fairy tales when she was little.

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