Alex Gonzaga, Viral Sa Social Media Matapos Maging Yaya Nina Whamos At Antonette Gail

Alex Gonzaga is back with her home raid, but now, it seems that she is not only a vlogger because she has taken on the role of the nanny in team Whamonette’s household!

How flexible is Alex G? If she used to work as a barista and a saleslady at the mall, she has now started a new profession as a nanny. In her first nanny duty, she entered the house of celebrity couple Antonette Gail and Whamos where she helped clean the house and take care of baby Meteor.

When Alex first entered the Whamonettes’ home, she was nearly discouraged by the huge amount of mess, which Whamos did it intentionally so that their new maid would have to clean a lot.

Whamos, of course, led Alex on a tour of their house, where the actress-vlogger was astounded by the size of it. During their tour, Alex realized that the hard work of the maids who enter the Whamonette house is not a joke, but nevertheless, she continued with all her might in the career she had entered.

Contrary to the actress’s expectation, she will also be responsible for Whamos and Antonette’s kid, baby Metero, which she finds extremely simple due to her love of children. From mixing the milk, giving him water, arranging clothes and things, and putting baby Meteor to sleep was actually done by the actress.

When baby Meteor was successfully put to sleep, it was time to take care of his parents, so she truly pushed Whamonette to sleep, which irritated Whamos and caused him to flee because Alex’s nanny job at the time had turned to strict mommy mode!

In this collaboration of Alex G and Whamos, their chemistry really sold to netizens, especially since they are both natural comedians, therefore they never really ran out of jokes during the vlog. As a result, Alex’s “House Maid” vlog stays among the top three popular videos on YouTube.

Here are some comments from the netizens:

“New good vibes to end of the weekend thank you AG for giving us happiness everytime.”

“Nakangiti lang ako buong episode hanggang matapos heheheh super funny at goodbibes po Ng content mo ate Alex. Godbless po”

“Yeeey another vlog to watch to remove all my worries and heartaches. Thank you alex for making me smile despite everything I have been through.”

“Until now #3 on trending pa din bait ni whamos no., Ang funny pa kahit simpleng patawa Lang natatawa naako… same you AG. Hindi nakakasawa.”

Each of Alex G’s vlogs has been really funny, but her collaboration with fellow YouTuber and comedian Whamos doubled the viewers’ enjoyment. In fact, many people have asked for another collaboration since they couldn’t get enough of the good vibes the two brought.

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