Sunshine Cruz, Ibinahagi Ang Bagong Major Achievement Sa Kaniyang Buhay

If there is one word that can describe Sunshine Cruz today, it is “unstoppable” because nothing can stop a dreamer and achiever.

Celebrity moms we admire today are not only glam and fab, but they can also provide inspiration and motivation because, even though they are busy with the duties and responsibilities that come with being a mother, it is still important to give ourselves time as well as appreciation in our dreams in life.

As a mother, our priority is the happiness and well-being of our children, however, we should not forget the dreams we have for ourselves, just like Sunshine Cruz, who can be both a mother and a dreamer ft. achiever!

Sunshine is one of the celebrity momshies that most people follow because, aside from her life in showbiz, she also often shares updates on her personal life on social media, which is why many people really know how dedicated she is as a mother. Apart from this, she also continues to share inspiring posts like her minor and major achievements in life which really motivates her fellow momshies who also want to reach their dreams for themselves.

In the actress’s Instagram update on Thursday, February 16, she revealed her new major achievement and it is her lavish and grand house.

In the photos shared by the 45-year-old celebrity momshie, it can be seen that her new house is very spacious. Since it is so big, it is not a surprise if it reaches several million pesos because, even though Sunshine has only shown snippets, it can be said that it is really very luxurious.

With this achievement of Sunshine, congratulatory messages and positive comments immediately poured in from her fellow celebrities and fans.

Ruffa Gutierrez wrote,

“Excited for the housewarming shine!!! congratulations!!!”

Jen Sevilla said,

“Wow! Congratulations sis!”

“Maricel Pangilinan commented,

“Go Shine! So proud of you and happy for the fruits of your labor and love!”

Teresa Loyzaga said,

“Wowoowo! Well done Shine!!! Congratulations”

Ara Mina wrote,

“Congratulations sis!”

Sunshine will continue at the peak of her career, even if there are more and more emerging artists nowadays. In fact, she will appear in the next TV series “Unbreak My Heat” alongside Jodi Sta. Maria, Richard Yap, Gabbi Garcia, and Joshua Garcia. Aside from that, her new endorsements are rolling in left and right, so Sunshine is really busy right now, but she is content since she is fulfilling her life aspirations one by one.

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