Belle Mariano, Ibinahagi Ang Bahay Na Ipinapatayo Para Sa Kaniyang Pamilya

Finally, the universe has heard Belle Mariano’s request because she is now taking care of building her own house! It was a simple wish of the actress before and now it has finally come true!

Nothing is truly impossible in life, especially if it is accompanied by hard work and determination because the universe really hears the wishes of our hearts just like Belle Mariano who proved that she is not only a brilliant star in showbiz today but also in life behind the camera.

Belle Mariano initially appeared on television in the popular TV series “Lorenzo’s Time,” starring Zaijan Jaranilla and Carmina Villaroel. Aside from that, we saw her in “Princess and I” and “Maalaala Mo Kaya” till he appeared in “Goin’ Bulilit” where netizens appreciated her acting skills even more.

After graduating to “Goin’ Bulilit”, Belle continued to be popular in the showbiz industry until she was given the ultimate opportunity to show off her acting talent again and this is her performance as Maxpein in the Wattpad adaptation series ” He’s into Her” where her pair up with her leading man, Donny Pangilinan, began to click.

With the success of “He’s Into Her”, Belle received more opportunities, including the movies “Love is Blind” and “An Inconvenient Love” which are currently popular among youth because of the chemistry she and Donny bring.

As Belle’s career continues to grow, she remains grounded and humble. In fact, she is even very wise in handling her finances, especially since she has wanted to build her own house for a long time.

After several years of stardom, the actress has finally started building a house for herself and her family, as they had a groundbreaking ceremony on Sunday, February 19.

According to Belle, she still can’t believe that her dream of building her own house is slowly becoming into reality.

Belle wrote in the caption of her post,

“Still pinching myself! Dreams really do come true.”

In the photos shared by the 20-year-old actress on Instagram, she can be seen with her entire family at the groundbreaking ceremony where they are holding a golden shovel.

There are times in life when we are surprised by the blessings we have, but if we look back at all the effort we have given in everything we do, we can really say that we deserve everything we have now. Despite the success that Belle enjoys now as a celebrity, she still remains humble and dedicates the fulfillment of her dreams to all the people who support and love her.

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