Batang Star Noong 90’s Na Si Goyong, Viral Muli Dahil Sa Kaniyang TikTok Video

Many netizens could not help but be surprised when they saw the former youthful star of the 1990s Goyong again.

Goyong was discovered and known by the crowd when he participated in the “That’s My Boy” competition of the popular noontime show “Eat Bulaga.” Because of his pleasant personality, netizens immediately fell in love with him.

Steven Claude Goyong was one of the children that drew the most attention from netizens among all the children who competed in the “That’s My Boy” competition. Due to his talent, Goyong was able to stay throughout the competition.

Goyong made everyone happy at the Grand Finale of “That’s My Boy” with his performance when he danced to the soothing song “Pepito.” It can be noted that even when dancing, Goyong still keeps his vibrant personality, which is why he won the hearts of the fans.

With his spectacular performance in the Grand Finale of the competition, Goyong was presented as the first runner-up, while his partner and friend from “That’s My Boy,” John Paolo Caber, was named second runner-up.

Of course, his entertaining dance became popular during his era, which is why Goyong’s name was imprinted on people’s memories.

It has been more than two decades have passed since Goyong was last seen on television yet there are still people who remember him. On the popular app TikTok, there is a netizen who recognizes Goyong, which really made the young 90’s star happy.

A netizen commented on a video shared by Goyong on TikTok.

“Hala big boy ka na Goyong! Isa ngang cha cha jan. Pepito, mi, corazon.”

On Wednesday, October 6, Goyong posted a video on TikTok in which he can be seen dancing completely to the song Pepito on the stage of “Eat Bulaga” in 1998, which he repeated again now that he is older.

Goyong wrote,

“@tyenilinkukubar pepito!!!!”

Netizens could not help but reminisce about the video Goyong released, in which he recreated his dance from the 1990s.

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