Throwback Picture Ni Anne Curtis, Usap-usapan Sa Social Media Sa Pagkakahawig Sa Kaniyang Anak Na Si Dahlia

As children copy their parents’ appearances, most fans are obsessed with seeing the faces of their favorite celebrities’ children, such as Dahlia Amelie, who inherited not only her mommy’s beauty but also her sassy personality!

Many of their fans were very excited when Anne Curtis announced her pregnancy with her future child with her husband, Erwan Heussaff, a French-Filipino restaurateur, but when the actress showed and introduced Dahlia to the public for the first time, many said that she looked just like her Daddy Erwan. In fact, even the actress herself agreed with Dahlia being “Erwanita.”

During the celebration of “Father’s Day” in 2021, Anne admitted that Erwan is a carbon copy of their daughter, sharing a photo of Dahlia and her husband’s photo, which shows their resemblance.

The actress wrote in the caption of her post,

“Carrying her for 9 months and her coming out as your twin just goes to show [how] much I love you! Swipe to see some twin realness – FYI last photo is baby Erwan’s baby pic!!”

Even though Dahlia’s face is clearly Erwanita’s, she captures the vibes of her Mommy Anne because from her cuteness to being a fashionista, it can be said that she will follow in the footsteps of the actress.

The netizens’ arguments resurfaced after Anne’s throwback photo published by her fan account @annecurtisxx on Instagram went popular, where many of her fans saw her resemblance to their daughter.

When re-posted the former photo of the actress on Facebook, many netizens stated that Dahlia also took some of her Mommy Anne’s features.

“Dahlia really is looking so beautiful like her mom”

“Same face with Dahlia”

“Little dahlia nga”

“I can see Dahlia”

Of course, there are many who agree and believe that Dahlia looks more like Anne’s husband since if you compare Erwan’s old images and their daughter’s photos, they might be mistaken for twins; nevertheless, Dahlia also inherited certain qualities from Anne, like her smile and giggles.

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